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Forum Terms & Rules

    Veritas Gaming Registration

    Thank you for your interest in joining Veritas Gaming. Veritas Gaming has a strong focus on active community and structure. See here for our full Mission Statement:


    Below is important information you will need to know.

    Membership process:

        1. Complete Registration.
        2. Validate Email address.
        3. Wait for reply on acceptance.
        4. Post a check-in topic in the appropriate forum.

    NOTE: If you will be playing multiplayer games with VG members your site name MUST BE the same as your gamer tag. (PSN, XBL, STEAM ID, etc.)


    Minimum Activity for Veritas Gaming Membership

    We have 2 types of members: those who earn points for attending a minimum amount of squad practices or game lobbies, and members who are simply forum members with no attendance requirements. Attendance is tracked using a simple spreadsheet called the ATS, or Attendance Tracking System.

    You will need to choose your level of involvement. Below is a break down of the 2 different member types. Choose one that will best suit your availability.

    To keep an active community we have simple and minimal requirements of membership:

    Community Member - Forum Members. They will be required to post something on the forums a minimum of once every 3 months. This can be a new topic or simply a comment on any topic in the forums. Logging in without posting will not count. If you do not stay active by posting once every 3 months, you will receive reminder emails from the site monthly. After 6 months of no activity your account will be deleted. Community Members can join any gaming activities within the community but will not receive ATS points.

    Flexible Member - Flexible members can be part of a particular squad or game lobby, but are not required to. These members will be required to achieve 20 ATS points per month, which is equal to 4 hours of gaming in one month, in order to remain an active Flexi member. They will attain 5 ATS per hour played. They can also attain ATS points for playing other multiplayer games with Game Leaders (GL). Flexible members that fail to attain the required amount of points will be demoted to Community Members.

    If you are not sure that you have the time to commit to being a Flexible Member (Flexi), you can request the change once you have gained full forum access. Any member can post a check-in to apply for a structure change.

    Members who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements will be restructured as Community Members and will no longer attain ATS points for attending game lobbies.

    Checking into the Forums

    If your application is accepted you will need to make a "check-in" topic using the provided template. This is simply a topic with relevant information regarding your gaming preferences to insure we place you correctly. Bookmark this link for later use:


    Rules and Regulations

    Veritas Gaming has a zero tolerance policy for matters of disrespect towards others in any form of communication, cheating or glitching. Members found in breach of Veritas Gaming Rules and Regulations will be disciplined with suspensions up to and including a ban from the community and website servers. Please see here for our full list of Rules and Terms of Use.