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December newsletter

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Hello to one and all!


We once again bring you a newsletter from the VG Staff.

Veritas Gaming's biggest event of the year!
Meet and Greet Livestream with Veritas Gaming Staff Sunday on December 28th, at 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT.
Meet the staff of VG during our 1st annual Meet and Greet Livestream.
All VG staff will be in attendance.
Interviews with admin and division leaders with giveaways and hosted by our very own ColueJack!
Watch the forums for more info to come soon! Go to http://www.twitch.tv/VeritasGamingHQ and follow the official channel!

Call of Duty
League of Legends
Web Department
Recruitment/PR/Media news

VG has been fortunate enough to take part in the League of Death.
This has been deemed a massive success and has been very well received from both of our PC EU squads.
I will not give too much away here, but if you are interested in playing some of the most thrilling games and having some of the biggest clutch moments in battlefield history then let us know of your availability in this thread.
See you on the battlefield.

Call of Duty:
This year’s transition into the new COD Advanced Warfare was great and with 2015 starting soon, we will be having our favorite time of year, the Christmas Noobs week.
If you're a CoD member you know what that means.
Big things are happening for our division, starting with me, VG Nip, as our new Division Officer.
That also means I will be looking for new Officers and Squad Staff for the start of 2015.
With the holidays in our sight, we will be having a lot of new members and we need to make sure they are welcomed, added to squads, and informed on practices.
We are not a clan, I wouldn't even call the CoD Division a community anymore, we’re more of a family than anything.
I want 2015 to be our best year for the COD Division and all it takes, is us as a family to contribute as much as we can.
I also want to thank VG Sav for getting me ready for this position, and letting me have this opportunity. You're crazy for giving it to me, but I will keep everything on track.
If you would like to apply for any position, if it’s Officer or Squad Staff, please get in touch with me anyway you can.


The Destiny division is still growing and starting to gain speed.
We have structured squads for NA and EU members.
We're all super excited for the first expansion, Dark Below, releasing this coming week Tuesday December 9th.
Join us this Friday December 12th for VG’s Dark Below all-nighter!
More info can be found here.

League of Legends
On December 13th or 14th there will be a Christmas tournament for everyone in EUNE and EUW.
For more information check the LoL Division forums here.

First of all, sadly we had to part with two of our Minecraft mods, FuzeDzn and XavierPownz.
However, VG OneloveXS has stepped up and has been promoted to MC Mod. We wish him good luck and much success.

Second, as most of you know by now we have finally released our FTB pack, and opened up our FTB server.
So far it has been quite a success I think, and if more people wish to join the server all the information you would need can be found here.

We have also had some news that it might be possible to finally update our vanilla server to Minecraft 1.8.
We will be looking into that in the upcoming week and more news will be posted here when we know more.


Web Department:
As you may know nightcruzer98 has stepped down as Head Web Officer and zazra has taken over. RagingStoner has been promoted to Deputy Head Web Officer.
Together, also with the help of LicensedFool, new forum banners have been implemented to make it easier to find forum categories, but also to bring a little bit of color into the forums.

RagingStoner has committed to overhauling the Live Streams page for which you can find a link on the menu bar on the forums, or also just here.
A thank you goes out to FuzeDzn for creating and managing the banners for each streamer!
If you click the "apply here" button on the page you will be directed to the registration topic where you can sign up to be included on the live streams page yourself.

Zazra is still working on completely overhauling the rosters page.
The end goal is to make it easier to update the rosters and eventually hook it into the ATS.
The ATS is also being overhauled to make for a completely automated system.



As always, the recruitment department is looking for members interested in spreading the good word of Veritas Gaming.
Recruitment officers are a first step into leadership of VG. If you're interested in helping out, and like meeting new people, join the recruitment department and help VG continue to grow!



We are preparing to launch our official VeritasGamingHQ channel on Twitch.
We are looking for people who stream regularly, who are interested in broadcasting and being broadcasted on the official VeritasGamingHQ channel to have daily content on there.
There will be two options for all streamers to take advantage of this channel.
We want people to stream directly from the channel, but we also will be happy to "host" your channel on the VG channel when no one is broadcasting.
See this post for more information.



PSN, XBOX & PC Corps commander positions are open.  Anyone interested can check here.

Shop manager also has an open position. If you’re interested, please check here.

The VG staff wishes you Happy Holidays and a Happy New year!
See you all in 2015!


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The LoL Tournament has been postponed to January 3rd, http://www.veritasga...ars-tournament/.

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