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Home Sweet Home ( Onelove)


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So i am out of words but i have a desire to say something to scream THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks to all members  , people that are part of this community , Thanks for putting your time into stuff , Site , forum , servers, events , vods...



I am just a regular member , 23 years old man that loves to talk  , chat , play games and have fun. I found out this place called VERITAS GAMING community , HOME!!!

All my time being here , searching for new stuff  , meeting new people , playing new games all that became much more better and interesting when i met few ceratin people.

And because of that i need to say THANK YOU! I need to express how much appreciation i have for the people that are making all this happen!!!




And especially to say Thank you to DreamingSheep & Zazra!!!


I got hooked on Minecraft by watching UHC event that zazra uploaded on youtube. After that i got MC and started playing it.... It was just amazing...

Then he said magical words FTB!!!!! I was like " wtf is that" and then he told me to search it on youtube and watch few people that are making vods.

That was zazras big mistake :D :D :D

I got hooked even more to MC and FTB.

So i dowloaded FTB and started playing with it... Thats just.... INCREDIBLE!!!!


Then Sir DreamingSheep gave me few advices , tips & tricks... And that was breaking point for me , MC ( FTB) became something i want to do all of my free time , playing that game , playing with people from veritas gaming ,   people that i met and spoke with ,  i had so much fun , i learned so much new stuff.... And i want to keep learning ...


After a short while of waiting , getting here and there update info on how things are going with making a VG mod pack and getting everything to work.

One night DreamingSheep just told me to open FTB launcher and type the modepack code , and i was out of my mind :D...

And after that Both Zazra and DS went step further and gave me early ( beta ) access to the server.

Then I became  HAPPIEST man ever.


Because all of that , because this two gentlemen made things happen. Putting your own time for this community. I have to say THANK YOU! Much appreciated! Thanks for getting us this server!



TL DR : Thank you DreamingSheep & Zazra for FTB :P :P


( apologies for mistakes in english , i am little bit tired)



Onelove - Onelife <3

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