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My 1 year with VG

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Guest_Dollah Brillz_*

Guest_Dollah Brillz_*
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As I approach my one year with VG, I just wanted to express how I feel about this community.


I started VG being on the PS3 squads. I always had a blast and I never expected to have that kind of fun with a community especially since I just joined. I became friends with a few nicer people, but all in all.. PS3 was full of the rudest people. As I continued on I realized how truly mean most of the people were. At this very moment the people I thought I liked a lot and who proved to me as being extremely rude and just awful I cannot stand one bit. I will never understand why I was shown such hatred.


Slowly backing off of PS3, I got an Xbox One. Best decision I've ever made. As new people were being recruited for Ghosts and getting to know them, best and nicest people I've ever played with. I absolutely to this day love/loved all the people on Xbox One. After everything that happened to me on PS3 it was a good switch and just loved every second of it. Thank you to all my Xbox One friends for being so amazing.


But the main reason I wanted to share my experiences is I will be no longer apart of this community due to the fact that I never play anymore, and I just don't have the time. I will still continue to play every now and then especially when the new COD and more games come out.

Thank you to all who made VG a wonderful place to play games which is what I love to do. No matter what happened to me in the past, I would never want to be apart of any other community. I'm always still available through social media and Skype. I will possibly hop on Teamspeak every once in awhile. 


I think this is a wonderful community and it always will be.

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