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General Conduct

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General Conduct

Members will respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed. The same level of respect will be given to non-members.

Members will show dignity, honor and integrity both in and outside of the community. Any insults or lack of respect towards VG by non-members are to be ignored and left un-commented. We should not need to defend ourselves.

There is a language filter in place on the website and while we accept that 'accidents' happen, anyone found to be constantly attempting to subvert or activate the filter will not be tolerated. Also MeMe images featuring the range of 'troll' faces or Nyan cat, these are considered spam and are not to be used across the site.

In live game comms 'accidents' regarding language can happen and if done in such a context where it is clear no offence is intended a casual approach will be taken, however any aggressive posturing, messages or vocal abuse towards either a member of VG or any member of the public will not be tolerated neither will needless and excessive profanity.

No member will broadcast issues involving nudity, sexual content race or any other adult content whether be by images, text or voice communications.

No member will question policies and regulations in public. They are to use the CoC or Idea-box to issue their thoughts.

Using caps lock to excess is not acceptable. The use of capitals for large amounts of text is destructive and can be viewed as being aggressive offensive, or construed in a shouting attitude, using capitals just to emphasis something can be acceptable, but this is to be decided by the CoC.

No member will deliberately troll or bait any other members or do anything which is designed to goad a member into breaking any rules.

Sportsmanship is a mandatory requirement.


The Veritas Gaming Staff