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Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

- No form of cheating is tolerated. The missuse of ingame glitches is not tolerated. Boosting and statpadding is not tolerated. Hacking is not tolerated.
For full paragraph, see this link.

- Moonlighting is not tolerated. If you're a Structured Member of VG you're expected to dedicate your time to VG. You can however be a Community Member in VG while in another community.
For full paragraph, see this link.

- Every member follows their Chain of Command, i.e. if there are questions or concerns, speak to the person above you.
For full paragraph, see this link.

- There are signature limitations on the site, break the limit and your signature will be deleted.
For full paragraph, see this link.

- Members will respect everyone and anyone even if they play on a console which you might dislike. No taunting or scrutanizing may happen under any circumnstances.
For full paragraph, see this link.

- You may not check in for another member under any circumnstances, if someone wants to be a member of VG he/she has to check in him/herself.
For full paragraph, see this link.

Disclaimer: The warning system is currently not in use, disregard the warn raises. However, this does not mean that rules may be broken.


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Structured members can only be on the roster of one squad at a time.
This rule is in place to insure all our ST members are committed to their squads.
Any member may still join any squad and receive ATS points under "unassigned".
This is also in place to keep ATS points balanced for all members.
ST members can be part of a squad and a Game Leader lobby since a GL lobby requires attendance only once a week.
If a member is part of a structure and another non structured squad, should there be a time conflict between the two, the structured practice must be attended.