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Greatest gamers you will ever meet

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Guest_Charlie Clutch_*

Guest_Charlie Clutch_*
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If I was asked to describe Veritas Gaming in a single word, the word "friends" is the first to come to mind. As many of you know, I took a leave of absence a few months ago. For those who don't know, I took a break from gaming for a very person reason. When I took my step back from gaming, I was responded to with words of encouragement and endearment.


I recently read over some of the responses I got when I announced my leave of absence. (Which was done privately. It was a very personal matter; it was not something I wanted publicly available on the forums.) The people I had met over the years, all the way from SL to Admin, gave me the same general message: We are glad you are taking care of your personal matters, and once you have resolved everything, we will welcome you back with open arms.


For new members, I really want you to understand that the people supporting me in my personal matters were of all ranks: Squad Leaders, Divisions Officers, Corps Commanders, and your Admin. People in VG, of all ranks, personalities, and nationalities, care about each other. Veritas Gaming strives to provide a home to people who care about other people. While VG has not existed for this long, I have known the original members since around 2007-2008. Much has changed. We have grown, developed, and learned. We took what was given to us, and we made Veritas Gaming. In 2007, I was a sophomore in high school. In 2013, I graduated undergraduate college/university. Regardless if I was busy with school/work/personal matters, the people I met in Veritas Gaming have supported me the entire time.


Most people who identify themselves as gamers recognize that life does take its course. While we would all LOVE for gaming to be our main focus during the 70-80 years we have on this Earth, reality does have a large influence lmao. I am glad that, no matter what life has thrown at me, whether it be the busy schedule of a college student or the bottomless pits that life can trap you in, the members of Veritas Gaming have seen me through it.


If I could give one take-home message to new members to Veritas Gaming, it would be this: As much as you are willing to give to VG, VG will give back to you 10 fold. The leadership I developed during my beginning days led to my first SL position, which led to XO, then DO, and then an Admin. This leadership was applicable to my role in the research I conduct in my professional life; I'm able to direct and advise the work-study/undergrads involved on my research project in my professional life. I truly believe that the members of VG helped to foster and draw out that leadership.....the leadership that has guided me over the years. The only way Veritas Gaming could hinder your growth as an individual is if you let the social stigma that accompanies gaming hold you back.


I encourage anyone even considering Veritas Gaming as a home to simply give us a try. It may be the community itself that attracts you, but it is the social bonds, personal growth opportunities, and the gaming diversity that keeps you as an enthusiastic member of Veritas Gaming!  



Charlie Clutch 


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I completely agree Charlie (still Cryo to me :P)


I never actually got a chance to thank you for the help and guidance you gave us when setting up the CS:GO division so, thank you :)

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