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What is Ping?

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I have been asked recently what is PING! [There is no pong in ping] I know for many with PC experience this information is a fundamental part of most games. 
They might understand what PING actually means. Or have an idea. Is this information important though?
Well if you were only on Console you would be surprised how many don't understand the concept or where the information is in-game.[If available]
Now what you get is a bar representing the ping in some games. More Bars equal better connection. But some also include a number beside the bars. This is what confuses some people. With bars its like a Mobile signal, Higher = Better. But the number lower = Better for ping.
I found a video on youtube that explains all this a bit easier.

So you need:
A. A good Download above 5 Mb/s [recommended by Sony]
B. A good Upload, at least 1 Mb/s
C. A low Ping, 60 - 100 = OK, 30 - 60 Good, 0 - 30 = Excellent
To test your internet connection click on my Result below. It will bring you to Speedtest.


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Thanks, helpful