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Saints Row IV (no end-mission spoilers)

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Saints Row IV



Following Saints Row: The Third (which was a great game in my opinion) I think it made the previous game look good. The publisher changed (from THQ to Deep Silver) but it didn't effect the game in any way/s possible. 

The environment, the vehicles, the clothing etc. etc. all look the same (if not upgraded positively) as the previous game, Saints Row: The Third. The physics still are a bit over the place but that's what we like!

If someone who has not played Saints Row: The Third got in and played Saints Row IV I don't think that would effect them in any way - there are no immediate connections between the two games except the charachters etc. (buildings, cars, clothing, guns etc.). 

I do recommend playing the third game first though since it is a great game and will certenly bring joy to the player.


Coming to why I only recommend people playing only the third game first - I have not played the first two games. When the first one got released it was essentialy the same thing as Grand Theft Auto in my opinion, and I believe people had enough of that. After that their second game was released - as before I thaught that it was pretty much the same thing as GTA

Three years after the Saints Row 2 release they released Saints Row: The Third. That looked different in a few ways and caught my attention - I bought it, played it, finished the main campaign and had plenty of stuff to do even after that. The complete "overlay" was different which was great.

Later I saw the Saints Row IV announcement and decided that I was going to buy that aswell - no question about it.


So, what's good about Saints Row IV? I enjoyed the entire concept, the superpowers are awesome and the new enemies (the Zin) is a great addition to the game. 

When you first start the game you're in a simulation, you drive around 'til Kinzie contacts you. You do some simple missions and they get you out - by that point Zinyak (the alien leader) have warned you that he will kill everyone he (I) know if he tries to escape. When you've finally escaped Zinyak's ship he contacts you on your ship (yeah, you're in space) and reminds you about the warning - and then blows up Earth. 

Harsch start, indeed. You've lost everything, right? No, your friends are captured in other various simulations - and here begins the quest to free them to begin the quest to overthrough Zinyak.


While doing main missions that covers the free-the-friends part of the game you have side missions to have fun with aswell. While in the simulation (you can enter and leave through "doors" that Kinzie made) you have all the superpowers you've unlocked and can use them whenever you'd like. You can walk around and burn alien troops, you can use telekenisis to throw people and cars around, you can use superspeed and superjump to get around the map easier than when you had to use vehicles. Basically it's a ton of fun!

When you've found all your friends you start to figure out how to kill Zinyak, before that point the second surprise happens (1st was when Earth blew, lol) - your old friend Gat is alive. How? Play the game!

Now that you're 100% done with that you need to start making a "key" to get into the mainframe of the simulation to make it collapse, through that you can locate Zinyaks mothership and attack it. That is a three-way mission, when you start you cannot leave and you cannot redo it so be cautious.

You chose a team and start to do the different parts of the mission. First you transport the key with team 1. Then you insert the key with team 2 which will make the simulation go mental. Then you attack Zinyak with team 3 and the rest of the Crew. From there the epic ending starts and you're all mental trying to kill stuff!




Basically, it's a great game. There are plenty of missions you can do, the guns are great and the superpowers are fun. If you divide the main/side missions good you'll have a good 20-30 hour game in your hands - if you only do the main missions you'll have a 10 hour (my main mission time) quest infront of you.

The new weapon upgrades are fun to toy around with and the superpower upgrades are pretty cool aswell.

If you like a chaotic, but not too long, action type game this will suit you, 100%. 

The opening is great, as is the ending. The between parts (killing aliens and ordinary people etc.) is great aswell - plenty to do!

This is definately a good purchase if you enjoyed the previous game Saints Row: The Third.