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Need for Speed: World

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I have recently started playing this game as I noticed it was F2P through origin, put a couple of hours into it and got myself up to level 15 so I thought that I would give you all my opinions on it.


Normally in NFS games the first car that you choose is replaced after a couple of races when the game introduces multiple cars and pink slip races. But with NFS: World the first car you pick will be the one you race for more than a couple of hours. Due to its F2P/P2W nature the game consists of a wide roster of cars that are only obtainable by purchasing their own in game currency or by filling out various surveys/freebies that will guarantee your letter box and inbox is swamped by PPI claims and half price holidays. After you have done the same race a couple of hundred times and you see your bank balance hit the six figures you might be fooled into thinking driving your original car might be coming to an end, but nope, any car worthy of your money is $500,000 minimal. Any cheaper car lacks in the various areas compared to saving that little bit more money.


You then have the actual gameplay. Due to the MMO aspect the driving I find is terrible, you will enter a race where people will sidesweep you in ways that physically are not possible whereas when you graze something yourself you are turned backwards and at a complete standstill. The game does have its fun moments when you enter a race and the connection is solid, when you are at 80% of the race complete and you have yet to hit anything makes the game very frantic and keeps you focused; though finding these races are few and far between.


The sound is quite nice on the game aswell though not the same high quality you would expect from a single player racing game and as far as I am aware there is no music on the game (I always opt for my own collection of music rather than waiting for the two or three songs I like on a racing game).


Overall I think that the game is semi decent as far as killing time goes. The games mechanics are strong though are let down by the inconsistent connection at times. Unfortunate for EA the F2P/P2W aspect ruins any form of long term replay value. If they gave access to more cars from the start so you have a variety to choose from it would be a better game to play in the long run. Another option would be to opt for a DOTA style F2P method where all cars are obtainable but the cosmetic items would be purchasable by real money,