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Game Leader

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Game Officer

Game Officers (GO's) are the final say in platform specific matters. Each full Veritas Gaming (VG) division will have a DO who is in charge of ensuring that division grows to its full potential and ensure the well-being and happiness of all members of that division. Of which the DO of each Division/Platform will report directly to one of three GO's

Implementation of VG protocol

It is the GO's responsibility to ensure that all members of their platfom are operating within set protocols of VG. This includes; ensuring DO's are implementing rules and procedure changes, checking that all Division Staff can complete any required admin duties which come with their position and ensuring consistency is present across the board in the completion of this admin work.

Adherence to VG rules and standards

While this is similar to implementing VG protocols this is focused more at the actions of individual members. It is the GO's responsibility to deal with not only the members in their platform and ensure that they are compliant with the rules and regs of VG or raise action against them, but to ensure that all Division Staff and DO's are happy in their placement and position.


For most of VG's rules and regulations breaches will be dealt with by division level staff or lower. It is the DO's responsibility to discipline any members that the battalion staff feel they cannot and to raise any issues if the DO themselves feels unsure. DO's will operate under the GO's guidance in regards to levels of punishment given but they have a wide degree of flexibility in how they deal with any issues of discipline raised to their attention.


Each GO is responsible for ensuring all squads in their platform have all practices (mandatory and optional) are recorded on the ATS and alerting squad staff to any ATS related issues, i.e. promotions to be requested, awards to be requested.

Selection of Battalion Staff/Division Staff

GO's will be directly responsible for the choosing of Battalion Commanding Officers (CO) & Battalion Executive Officers and will act as a sounding board for the DO when they are selecting their Commanding/Executive Officers (CO/XO). They will use their own judgement when selecting DO's, and can of course come to the remainder of the Senior Staff for advice should they required and will use their judgement to help DO's select the best candidates for CO/XO positions.

Consultation with the Senior Staff

One of the GO's largest responsibilities is to consult with the remainder of the Staff Members in matters which relate to VG as a whole and are not division specific. As a member of the Senior Staff GO's form the largest body in VG where major decisions are undertaken and as such it is the DO's responsibility to be full aware of any situations arising that may require their input.