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Web Office (Deputy Head Web Officer - Coding/Graphics/Awards Dept.)

The Web Office is the main body who look after the entire site, from the coding of the forums, rosters and ATS to the graphics on all the pages, all ranks, awards and banners. They deal with it all, the Web Team is possibly the key most important role on the entire website:

Coding Of Website

The Web Office is directly responsible for all the coding and changes to Veritas Gaming's website, they hold the key to changing anything that has been updated of fixing any issues, they are a select few people who work extremely hard to keep the website up and running 365 days a year.


As well as the DO's the Web Office is responsible for all of the editing to the Rosters on Veritas Gaming, it is very tedious and hard work but the rosters are always up-to-date with current information. This includes the addition of new Squad Members and whole new Squads.


The Web Office also help to over see the ATS ensuring that all corrections are made and that no edit is made in a malicious way, they also help to ensure that the ATS is always up-to-date with the current information given by Division Staff

Banners & Graphics

The Web Office is also most critically responsible for the creation and hosting of all the images that you see on the website to date, this includes announcements, fun nights, forum posts and many, many other things.


The Web Office finally ensure that all awards are current and up to date with everything that is happening on Veritas and in the gaming world, this means the creation of new awards for new divisions, DLC's and other in-game points.