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What is VG to me?

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Now I have thought about writing in the testimonial section before, as one of the founders of Veritas Gaming I always thought that I would be obviously biased when it came to having an opinion and that would still be true. So I thought that rather than give my opinion I would talk about how I have come to be here, and what VG is about for me. To try and give some perspective and thoughts for new members and old on me and on what you could expect from VG. I will try not to repeat too much of my profile content but basically Ive been gaming for a long time now, much of my youth was spent crowded in my bedroom with friends playing Goldeneye on the N64 or things like Mariokart and other great multiplayer variations the thing that was fantastic about playing in such close proximity to your friends was that you could talk laugh and see other peoples reactions in real time to one another we had many nights where we would literally be in tears of laughter from some of the kills and events that would happen.

One of the biggest gaming events for me as people who know me know was world of warcraft, now to cut a long story short I played it for about 4 years and in that time completed everything that was there to be completed in the game - participated in some of the biggest clans on my server and gained a huge amount of knowledge and perspective on the events and politics involved in being a member and officer within clans and what you need to be aware of.

Taking all of this forward into FPS games through the Cod and Battlefield series brought me into the current clan setup and after a few unsuccessful clans over a period of around 3 years, me and Brido were forced into creating Veritas Gaming.

This turned out to be one of the best things we could have hoped and actually was in many ways something we perhaps wanted to do but needed to be pushed to do. VG has been the culmination for me of 15 years of gaming experience and 10 years of online clan based gaming. What I want VG to be is a place where people are free to put forward their opinion and be part of a clan who dont tolerate immature abuse of members or people with oversized egos or unfair practices. VG is a place for everyone to have a chance to succeed and take part in helping the clan to be as successful as possible. We try to keep the balance between a relaxed environment and tactical serious gaming which is never an easy thing to do, we want to work with our members and be here to help out people of all different skill levels.
VG is never going to be for everyone and we should remember that not everyone will share our concept of what an ideal clan is.

What I enjoy about VG as a clan is that it is structured but not restrictive, its relaxed but focus' on tactics and good gameplay, and most importantly we work very hard to ensure that its a place for people to be treated fairly and with honesty.

We have put a huge amount of effort into VG over the past 2 years and I want it to continue to be as successful as it has been for everyone. We have members here who I have been playing with for as long as 5 years now and that says a lot about the community we have here. Console gaming is still the core of the clan but with us opening up PC sections we continue to look at new opportunities for members with both battlefield and Minecraft.

VG is a place for people to make a genuine gaming home and I hope it will do so for a long time to come

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Great read. I can share the frustrations of guilds in WoW and Clans on FPS, it takes a lot for an organisation to successfully manage social and serious gaming together but my god has it. Gotta thank you and Brido for creating VG and hope it will get better and better in the years ahead.



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Here here lt, very nice!


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I like it, particularly "much of my youth was spent crowded in my bedroom with friends playing Goldeneye on the N64 or things like Mariokart" - I remember those days well! As yet, nothing has come close to competing with the fun of Goldeneye!