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Dirt 3

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ok so the reason i picked dirt 3 was the fact i love rally games. iv been into them for quite a while. and i played Collin McRay word rally 2002 religiously. then picked up dirt and played that on pc with a raceing wheel. this realy was a proper rally game. lots of good stges with great graphics. i did not pick up dirt 2 as it was very arcady (the way the cars and tracks looked and handled)

now onto dirt 3. dirt 3 takes it back to the rally again how it should be. the cars look and sound great. they all handle differently. the different road conditions also handle complty different from tarmac to dirt to snow to mud. all need a different style.

the gymkahana is also a major part in it as well as Ken Block voices/ teaches you how to do the tricks and control the car. its good fun but it will need some practice. rather than jumping straight into it which i did and failed epically at it.

now you can link your game to youtube where you can upload clips of the cool stuff you have done. while this is a good feature it depends on the number of others trying to upload there clips as well. this can take a long time but the quality is very good and its up there allmost instantly.

now those of you that know rally the normal pace notes are like 3 right or 1 left, the number represents how tight the corner is going to be so for example a 1 righ is a hair pin which is very very tight all the way up to a 8 or so. now this is annoying as when you start the game from new you are not told this so you start off with things like easy right or easy left which means its nearly imposable to drive quickly arround a rally stage. which means i had a fustrating time. untill i realised you can change this which was a great relife. thats realy the only major flaw in the game.

there is dlc for it as well. where you can purchase some cars and some new tracks and rally stages. i would say that collectivly the main campaign has taken me about 14 hours so far and its not yet fully completed.

the multipyaler is very good as well as it offers you a wide choice of things to do. e.g. party mode were theres lots of fun games to play. to hard core where your stuck in the head view from in car interior view and theres no hud. which is all very good fun.

overall i would give this game a 9 out of 10. it loses a point as you get to the top level of the game before you are anywhere near the end of the main campaign. hope this helps