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Review forum Rules and Regs

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The review forum is to give a specific forum area for Reviewing of games old and new, and for commentary on problems or improvements that could be made to existing titles.
You can review upcoming titles, classic titles, anything that you wish to share and maybe bring light on for other members to try out a great game they may have missed.

In order to keep the forum clear and friendly for all the following rules apply:

  • Sub forums will be added as this forum progresses
  • Please read topics and review before adding your own, spam threads or overly posting about the same topic will be deleted
  • Keep it Constructive! If you cant keep it mature then dont post it or risk a warning
  • What do we mean by constructive? Back up your point.. if we are discussing a game dont just say 'its rubbish' explain why and how you came to this conclusion to allow others to respond to your point
  • Always try to provide as much information when starting a new topic, 3-5 sentence topic posts are not what this forum is looking for

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