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Q3 Newsletter 2017

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New Forums:

At the same time that this newsletter is being released, we are also doing a soft launch of our new forums, changing from IPBoard to PHPBB in the hope that it will provide a better experience for all of our members.  It is currently read-only for most as we continue to get it ready for everyone to use, hopefully on 1 Sept.  Please have a look at it using the link: http://www.veritasga...com/new-forums/ and give us some feedback/ideas about it in the following topic on our current forum: http://www.veritasga...forum-feedback/.
Keep in mind that everything is a work in progress, so things will probably change quite a bit, which is why suggestions or ideas are very much welcome.  We know that there are thoughts that the Management Team do not like negative comments, however we would like to clear up that this is not the case, if there is something you do not like, please tell us and also include an explanation of why.  If you have a possible better solution, even better, please mention it so we can actively look at it.
Now for the bad news...  Sadly we are unable to copy over our current forum or user data, which means we have to start with an empty forum (copying posts over manually) and unfortunately, everyone will need to register again.  We are however addressing this and making registering much easier than it currently is by removing some steps and reducing the amount of information that's asked for during the registration process.  We will still need to activate all new accounts ourselves, so please bare with us a little as there are only a few of us and most have jobs and families which means we cannot be online 24/7.  We will have people available as often as possible, so hopefully any delay in registration will be minimal.
Registrations are currently disabled and will be opened up when the forum goes live, if all goes to plan, on 1 Sept.
TeamSpeak licence:

With the reduction in TeamSpeak usage we will not be renewing our currently licence when it comes to an end in October.  What this means is TeamSpeak will drop down to a 32 member, free licence.  We will keep an eye on the usage and if this is a problem we will address it through either a new licence or applying for a NPL licence instead.
Management Team Changes:

ECO_slider stepping down
It's taken us a while to announce this as we kept delaying it, knowing that there were other announcements to make.  Some may already know that ECO_Slider has chosen to step away from his position as a Platform Manager for personal reasons.  Slider has also been a very active PM and pushed the Management Team whenever it was needed, making it even more sad to see him leaving the role.

DynamiteTiger changing roles
Along with the change in forum, DynamiteTiger will be changing his role to a Admin Adviser.  DT was there when VG first started and has been a driving force behind trying to keep VG current with the gaming environment.  While we see him changing roles, he will still be helping with maintaining this drive, the change however will allow him some free time to enjoy with his family.  This will also give more decision making to the Management Team.