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Xbox Scorpio the 4k monster

Xbox scorpio xbox

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More information has been released yesterday about the new updated Xbox, better known under its code name Scorpio. 

Microsoft is selling selling it as the most powerful console on the world. The console will feature 6 Teraflop of graphical processing power which makes it possible to game on true 4K.


For people whom are concerned about their games, don't be, the console will have compatibility with Xbox One games and all it's accessories. 




The Scorpio will feature;


A new improved engine, the scorpio engine, that will be able to deliver 6 Teraflops of computing power, 326GB/s of Memory bandwidth and a complete custom Xbox chip. 


A special cooling chamber, the so called Vapor Chamber, to make sure its processor stays cool.


A special fan to make sure air is being sucked in compressed to make sure it has a change to deliver optimized cooling with minimum noise.




True 4K gaming

6 Teraflop GPU

2.3 GHz custom CPU

1TB of HDD storage

12 GB GDDR5 Memory

326GB/s Memory bandwidth

HDR Games and Entertainment

4k UHD Blue-ray/DVD



As of now there is still no price or release date known yet, besides a hint tot he holidays of 2017, we will keep you posted!

What do you think, does the console look promising?

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Comparison to the PS4 PRO


RAM: 12GB (8GB of which is available to developers, with 4GB reserved for the system.) PRO has 8Gb + 1GB ddr (5.5 of which is available to developers)


CPU: 2.3 GHz vs 2.1GHz


GPU: 6TF vs 4.2TF, 40 compute units clocked at 1172MHz vs 36 at 911 MHz, 


Drive: 4k Bluray vs Bluray


Price: Over 500 vs Under 400 (PRO could get a price drop)



So now its down to developers to make some games. Nothing has been shown yet on Scorpio other than a tech demo!


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With Scorpio some are estimating it'll cost $700 or more.


500 maybe 600 dollars is an ok expensive price. But its over 700, then there wont be many sold!