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September 2016 Newsletter

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Platform Managers:
Hello VG Console Members;
I only have a few things to report for the month of September as I have been away from my duties due to a flaring back Injury so here we go.....
1.) Destiny released its awaited "Rise of Iron" DLC. Seems to be many of our members playing it in the respective NA and or EU Community. It is a nice little add-on but I have managed to finish the DLC within 10 hours of game play. Still outside the story line, there is new PVP and Private Matches that can be played. Maybe we could do some in-house VG vs VG PVP? Best team Wins?
2.) Rainbow 6 Seige Season 3 is almost here!! We have some new characters for offence and defence coming out to soak up and play plus the new weapons that will accompany them! Sweet!!
Again, like Destiny, R6S now has Private PVP matches for in-house battle amongst friends. I wouldn't mind getting a 5 VS 5 going. Would be fun for bragging rights!
3.) Star Wars "Death Star" DLC. I havent really had a good go at this one yet. From what I have played so far, it looks amazing visually, but I am not sold yet on the game mode "protect the destroyer". To me it seems a little cluttered for space flying around? We will talk more in the next news letter once I have had a chance to sit and play the newest DLC.
If anyone would ever like to add something to this newsletter to inform other members of game and lobby news, I can add it on your behalf. You are more than welcome to shoot me a PM with your information!
Congratulations To DynamiteTiger on your wedding. I hope things went well for you and the Mrs.
Till next time,
Console Platform Manager
In recent months we have seen quite a few old lobbies disappear but some make a bold return. Some new lobby's have been created but at the current time on the PC there is a thriving and ever growing need and want for new game lobby's.
With the recent Battlefield 1 beta, the PTS for the Division, a new and growing modded Arma 3 community and talk of the next Competitive Season and DLC for Rainbow Six Siege we have been seeing lots of members on TS every night.
With more people on TS every day this increases the need for members to be in the right lobby/room for the game they are playing, it makes it much easier for people to know what you are playing and may encourage other people to join lobby's and enjoy the games they love with VG members.
For all our newer members if you see a game that you own and are interested in playing it with members of VG just ask in the shout box or join the lobby and ask the people in there. Failing that, you can contact the game leader directly via a PM or make a post in the Lobby's Forum Discussion Topic and get all the information for the lobby from them. To view all our active lobby's just click the Rosters tab above the shout box and if you are feeling adventurous, you can always ask the game leader to join the lobby officially and be added to the roster for that lobby.
Other than that, its all happy going. Game Leaders just keep doing what you are doing. A handbook is on its way so you have a source for all the information you might need for a game lobby without having to contact a member of the Management Team, but we're always here to help.  ;)
Assistant Platform Manager
With the new teamspeak scripts in development, which were mentioned in last months newsletter, some changes have to be made to the member profiles.
A script has been activated to force members to update a new country selection entry, more information can be read here: http://www.veritasga...e-1#entry185311
Again we apologise that this has to be done this way, but this is the only way we can assure that every member will update this entry.
More on the teamspeak scripts:
The script that will check your username against our forum database has now been completed and will be activated within the next few days after the Management Team works out the last few details.
In short, your teamspeak name should match your forum username as has been stated for quite some time now in the message you receive the moment you connect to the server.
Some exceptions will be made however:
Anything in between ( and ) or [ and ] will be ignored, so you can still use a name like: zazra [AFK] or zazra [Gamename].
Also if for whatever reason you might lose connection with the server and come back online before your connection has timed out and your name would get the number 1 behind it, like: zazra1, the 1 will be ignored as well.
Any other way of changing your name will trigger the system and will send you a warning poke first and an entry will be added to a tracking system. On the 2nd pass, 5 minutes later, it will remove your teamspeak permissions.
Which means that when normally your name should be: zazra, for example, and you change it to: zaz ra, it will trigger the system.
zazra - AFK, will also trigger the system and thus will not be allowed.
For our Arma members, keep this in mind when using TFAR, as I know that for some of you, your name changes when you connect to the Arma server and will not exempt you from the system.
When losing your permissions, an online admin, if there are any online, will be notified of your permission loss.
If you connect to multiple teamspeak servers keep in mind that you properly set/update your name in the bookmark for the VG TS server.
Lastly, if you wish to have your username changed on the forums before this system becomes active you can send a PM to ECO_Slider for console members or UglyWornOutShoe and Ironstate96 for PC members.
Title your PM: Username change.
And include,
Current name:
Change to:
The automated permission giving will be the next project that I will be working on and can hopefully be finished before the end of next month.
The plan is to also add 2 entries to member profiles where you can enter 2 different teamspeak UID lines. 1 entry will be meant for a computer and the other for a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.
Of course if you do not own a computer and only use a tablet, phone or console to connect to the VG forums you can use both entries for mobile devices.
If you have more than 1 computer, like a PC and a laptop and wish to use teamspeak on both, I recommend backing up your teamspeak identity from 1 of them and coping it over to the device.
How you can do this is explained in the video you can find in the Everything VG Teamspeak topic: http://www.veritasga...ak/#entry149790
Mobile devices can also import and export teamspeak identities, so you could have just 1 entry that would work on all of your devices.
These 2 entries can only be seen and edited by you, yourself and the Management Team, so no need to worry that other members will see your TS UID number.
We will inform you when these 
If you have any questions about what I've just tried to explain, feel free to contact me on teamspeak or through PM and I will try to answer your questions to the best of my abilities.
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