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December 2015 Newsletter

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As I look back at the last year, I'm reminded of how the founding principals and mission statement of Veritas Gaming holds true over time. Even when the community has ups and downs, quick member increases and decreases, small victories and short squabbles, the end goal is the same. We're all here to play games with like minded people, and the friendships we make while doing so mean the world to us.

To those of you who have devoted time in improving the community the past year, we are extremely grateful to you. VG is getting better and better year after year.

To those who of you who lurk in the shadows and are always ready to pounce a welcome on new members, keep topics active with new posts, and generally spend all your free time with VG, thank you. Without you some days the forums would be a ghost town.

Remember that the community, to you, will only be as great as the time and effort you put into it. Take some time to look at the active content from the last year on the forums and make posts in the topics that interest you, welcome new members and make new friends while spending time in the Member Shoutbox.

All of the resources you need to have your own badass list of friends to game with, is right here in VG. We have plenty of ways to get involved with the community. Put your fears aside, take the initiative and get yourself involved. Make this next year, the best gaming year you've ever had, and we'll do everything we can to help.

We hope you all have happy holidays, full of love and joy.

and the VG Admin Team





No new updates to the game itself during the past month. If anyone has decided to pick up the game on any platform please do not hesitate to check-in and join a VG squad, it is by far the easiest way to have fun and the best way to improve.

On the PC side of the division, we have recently picked up an new server to use that we are in the process of experimenting with; newer tick rates and such. Please help out our guys and the battlefield community as a whole and jump in with Hydra Attack to help them experiment with these new and improved settings.


Lastly I would like to wish you all a happy new year and here's to another year of successful gaming.






Call of Duty:


As of January 1st, all Advanced Warfare squads will be shut down to allow BO3 lobbies to form. If your squad is wishing to transfer, message Drummer978, ASAP. Also, if you wish to join a Call of Duty Squad, check-in in the appropriate forum. As of now, there is only one active squad in the division, Shockwave, and even they are lacking active members. Join up quickly!






Destiny Division:


Destiny Division is no more, but that does not mean that we do not have an active group of members playing the game in Game Lobbies. Kold2513 and MrMister512 are our new Lobby leaders for Destiny. So feel free to join them for some fun with Destiny, and any other games that they might wish to host.



Console CC



League of Legends:


With the end of the season last month, this month has been all about getting used to the new game mechanics that were introduced (similar to last month) as well as a bit of a New Years cleaning of the inactive members.


On top of that, however, the game has hit the festive season as it usually does; a festive game mode. This year see the return of the Poro King which is a fun little time killer players on the ARAM (Howling Abyss) map. 


Additionally, the professionals from all around the world have been having fun and battling it out at the International All-Stars event, this year held in California, USA.


It pits players from all regions (split into Team Ice and Team Fire depending on their region ranking from the World Championships a couple of months ago) against each other in some fun game modes, as well as 1v1 combat. The winning team gets bonuses for their region. Unfortunately for those of us in the EUW region, this wasn't to be the case, however I'm sure our NA Battalion will be enjoying the bonuses of extra IP (in-game currency of sorts) come the New Year.


If you wish to see a full recap of all events (including the fun matches), simple check them out here: http://www.lolesport...r/all_star_2015


I hope that everyone within the League of Legends Division (and the community as a whole) had a great Christmas, that Santa was kind to them - anyone that says he doesn't exist, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore - and that you have a very excellent New Years.


I'm Scottish, we call it Hogmanay, and we celebrate in style   :)



Kind Regards,

VG Wolf

LoL DO / Admin




The administration team would like to thank Onelove for hard work within the Minecraft Division and to announce Alterheld as the new Division Office as Onelove steps away with new commitments. Alterheld has been with VG for some time now and is one of the more active members in the Minecraft community, so we have high expectation of where he will take the division.

As we await the next update from Mojang, we are sadly seeing a drop in activity on the server and the forums. We'd like to invite all members to have a chat with us on the forum about anything you'd like to see on our server or other activities that would get you to join us. We also like to let you know that we are planning on having more events within the Minecraft Division, such as group events on the server, more UHC's and planned get together on other servers with mini games.

We are looking at replacing our modded server due to a lack of interest and as always are open to your input with regard to what you would like to see, please add it here: http://www.veritasga...ack-discussion/

A custom UHC pack is currently being compiled for a session in the first quarter of the new year. Keep an eye out on the forums as it will be a modded pack, but mainly to allow us to make some recipe and block changes, the game will be very close to vanilla. More information will be available soon so that players will be able to practice before the event, so keep an eye on the forum!



Game lobbies:




First I would like to thank IREWolfman for all the work that he has done while in his role as Console CC. Since I have only been the CC for a short time there are not a lot of things to update the community on. However, I would like to announce that one of my core focuses this coming year is to bolster our PSN and XBL numbers within and outside of the structured divisions. If anyone would like to join the ranks of our awesome set of Game Leaders, step forward, and we will get you set up! I look forward to growing our console numbers, and our community as a whole.



Console CC


No new updates.
If you want the challenge and wish to venture into the wonderful and rewarding world of hosting a game lobby then check here:
Game Leader Requirements: All we need is people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to host a game lobby at the same time every week. Simple as that. We can then start to promote the lobby and encourage more activity.

Web team:


All projects are continuing as normal, no further updates on that as of yet.


However, after January 3rd we will be making a change to the ranking system for our staff members.

These changes affect every staff member from Squad Assistant (Sergeant) all the way up to Head Web Officer (General).

Staff members will no longer hold the military ranks as they do now.

A Division Officer for example who now holds the rank of Brigadier General, will be moved to the rank of Division Officer.


There are some other changes planned for the ranking system in the near future, but are not ready yet.

We will update you as soon as they have been fully worked out and are ready to be implemented.


For now, the Web team wishes you a happy new year!



Web Master


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wow this newsletter is over a year old!!!  :ohnoes:

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