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November 2015 Newsletter

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This week has seen no major updates to the game, as the launch of battlefront has been -understandably-  receiving all of the attention this past week. However, despite any progress in game mechanics, the EU PC squad Hydra Attack has been preparing for an upcoming scrim and we wish you the best of luck.
There will be more battlefront news as and when the hype train for battlefront begins to lose some steam.
Battlefield DO
Call of Duty Division:
As Black Ops 3 is being played in VG, Shockwave led by JoniivonHavok is going well. Their first practice went smoothly as everyone in attendance got to meet each other. Im hoping that they have more practices like that! The division is also looking for squad staff to lead future squads, do you have what it takes?
Destiny Division:
Nothing new to report from the Destiny Division, though there are large changes in the works! Stay tuned.
Destiny DO
League of Legends:

Another business as usual month I'm happy to report. Our EUW Battalion is in the process of recruiting a new XO (with applications already having been submitted, although more are welcome before a decision is made) which we hope to announce in the next couple of weeks.


Additionally, a couple of new champions have been released lately into the game and we have moved into the "Pre-Season" version, meaning a whole host of new changes to gameplay dynamic and a shifting of the meta. It's definitely an intriguing time to be playing League of Legends, and as I believe the next newsletter is sent out after Christmas - if this is a holiday that you partake in, may you have a Merry Christmas from everyone in the LoL Division.



VG Wolf

LoL DO / Admin

Minecraft Division:
Minecraft has gone quiet the last few weeks, and so our minecraft staff is working on some changes and new stuff to bring back a bit of life into mc.
A lot of changes and new stuff should be coming your way so keep an eye on the Minecraft section on the forum.
VG OneloveLL
PC game lobbies:
What a time to be the PC Corps Commander, new game lobbies and even more new game leaders. NummiNammi has taken over the lobby for battlefield 3 on pc from dovahkiin, dovah we will miss you. FuzeDzn changed his lobby from Wargame to World of Warships and speaking of WoWs we got a second Game Lobby for WoWs hosted by VG Sorthan. And last but definitely not least we have a Game Lobby for Battlefront hosted by LU1J1X.  To all the new Game Leaders, welcome on board, have fun and keep the lobbies going.
If you want the challenge and wish to venture into the wonderful and rewarding world of hosting a game lobby then check here:
Game Leader Requirements: All we need is people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to host a game lobby at the same time every week. Simple as that. We can then start to promote the lobby and encourage more activity.
Game Reviews: For Gamers by Gamers.
The members of the Review crew are working hard to get the first reviews out a.s.a.p.
When the first reviews come out, they will be posted in the review forum thread and you can discuss your opinion on the game with them. Do you want to help our members out? You can, we will announce which game we are working on and you can leave your impression on the game and they will try to incorporate it in the review. Do you have a request for a game you want us to review? We will set up a thread where you can leave your review wish, and if we have the game and time will try to create a game review for it.
Console game lobbies:
No news this month.
Congratulations to LicensedFool!
LicensedFool has been promoted to Deputy Head Web Officer.
Other then that, there is no news this month for the web team.
Current projects are still under development.
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