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October 2015 Newsletter

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A new patch greets us over in Battlefield 4, seeing the release of the community map project now named Operation Outbreak. Excitement fills the air as we are finally allowed to taste the fruits of our labor, all the months of designing and the years playing a broken game have lead us to finally be able to rain havoc on a new battlefield, a better battlefield a battlefield that represents the height of video game design and level construction!
In other news the Star Wars Battlefront beta was the most successful beta EA and Dice have ever had with over 9 million players enjoying the updated release of a video game and film classic, it is hard to say whether this game will revive the battlefront franchise for both the old and young generations of gamers or if it will go the way of Hardline. Either way if you enjoy feeling like and a god, allowing the darkness to take over and replaying iconic Star Wars scenes in a modern shooter setting then you may want to consider an investment in DICE's latest Triple A title. 

drametheus - BF DO



Call of Duty:
Over the past month, the division has seen growth and new activity in the form of competitive squads.
In time these failed due to poor leadership and no practices, leaving Magnum and I coming up with new ideas on how to combat this.

So we are going with, structured squads at first then, after-time the squad is eligible to be promoted to a game-battle squad.
Without the mighty Magnum4ce, giving me ideas we wouldn't be at the point we are at now.
So I will open up an ideabox for CoD so members can put down what they would think would be a good addition to the reboot of the CoD division.
Drummer978 - CoD XO
Destiny Division:
The King has fallen. The newest swath of content is out for Destiny and both our squads have already conquered the new raid. The teams grow stronger, and the division continues to go strong. With some new casual members joining in, and our PSN Community feature now on PS4 we are seeing some new and old faces. I would like to congratulate our newest NA XO, Kold2513, on her promotion and to thank thinwhiteduke23 for all the time he has out into our division. Continuing on with the new content, the newest raid just released a hard mode variant that has already been conquered by some of our members, and Bungie has confirmed that we will be getting a raid challenge mode in a few weeks. For now, we just continue to find the secrets that have yet to be discovered, and to enjoy the festivities in the hub world that Bungie has provided. 
To all Xbox One VGers:

With the launch of Halo 5, there has never been a better time for us to grow our Xbox user base. I will be starting a Spartan company for Halo 5 in the coming days for all current VGers and to help bolster our ranks on Xbox One, we need at least 4 members to become an active company. If you are interested please contact me here or on http://www.halowaypoint.com. Thank you all!
cnsrapp - Destiny DO

League of Legends Division:
Not much to report over the past month as it's been business as usual. However, I felt like it may be a good idea to include the fact that for the League community as a whole, it's been an exciting month. The League of Legends World Championships started in October and finishes with the finals on Friday 31st October. They're being held in 4 countries across Europe this year and a few of our LoL players (myself included) met up at Wembley, London for the Quarter Final stages.
Unfortunately, none of the North American teams made it out of the group stages, however 2 European teams made it to the semi-finals this past weekend prior to being knocked out by teams from the dominant region in this game at the minute; Korea.
A big shoutout to TehGrinder (former CO of the EUNE battalion) as he came to London all the way from Norway for the long weekend and to meet up with his fellow Division members.
Kind Regards,
VG Wolf - LoL DO


Vanilla :
After a storm of activity from our members , things slowed down and a lot of beautiful builds and things where created.
Now things are quiet , a little bit too quiet and because of that we are gonna try to set up a weekly lobby for our minecrafters. Keep an eye on Minecraft section of the forum for more updates.
Our new modpack is completed and running for a while now on our server. We are ready and waiting for you to join us on the adventure....  ( ...and maybe have a pink wither for a pet....)
VG OneloveXS - MC DO

PC game lobbies:

This month we will start a new lobby for battlefront. If you want to see if your leader will join the dark side or will he be the new Luke Skywalker, if you want to find out let him know here:
If you want the challenge and wish to venture into the wonderful and rewarding world of hosting a game lobby then here:

Game Leader Requirements: All we need is people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to host a game lobby at the same time every week. Simple as that. We can then start to promote the lobby and encourage more activity.


Lets help out, game reviews by VG members:
Within the VG we are continuously working to improve our relations with members. The next big thing we want is to help you with is to pick your new game. How? Well, game reviews by VG members for VG members. For this to be a success we need VG members that have the time and dedication to work on game reviews, for current, new and upcoming games on all game platforms. If you are interested or have any ideas send a PM to UglyWornOutShoe.


UglyWornOutShoe - PC Corps Commander
PSN Game Lobbies:

We re pleased to announce a new addition to the Upper Chain of Command: IREWolfman has been promoted to PSN Corps Commander/Platform Manager. IREWolfman will be organizing new Playstation lobbies for our PSN members.

We already have one PS3 lobby. ECO_Slider hosts BF3 on Saturdays at 6pmPST/9pmEST.

Our first official lobby on the PS4 will be Rocket League on Mondays at 7pmPST/10pmEST hosted by DynamiteTiger.

If you are interested in one of these lobbies or perhaps creating your own lobby where you can host any game, speak to a Game Leader or IREWolfman.

DynamiteTiger - Admin


WebTeam News:

A new shoutbox banner has been released, the four sections are links for quick access to specific forums sections or topics or to the tapatalk download pages.
We will be improving on this version of the banner though, so some changes might occur of the next few weeks.
An alpha version of the new livestream page should be released soon for testing among the webteam/uCoC, shortly after that we will be releasing it to the general public.
There are going to be some changes to channel descriptions, so we might ask you to write a new and shorter bio.

Due to some issues with the new roster page a release has been delayed, hopefully we can solve this as soon as possible to release it before the end of the year.

zazra - Head Web Officer



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great newsletter  :P