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September 2015 Newsletter

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Staff Promotions:


We're pleased to announce a new promotion to the VG Admin team: VG Wolf

We've been searching for the right person to add to the team for several months. When thinking of members who have shown a passion for the community, a genuine concern for its members, and an internal drive to make Veritas Gaming better in every way with great leadership, VG Wolf is at the top of the pack.
Wolf will continue as League of Legends Division Officer but will also be working closely with admin to plan and prepare for great things to come.
With this we also need to announce the retirement of Admin VG Sav. We sincerely thank him for the time and energy he has committed to the community and wish him the best in the future.


We would also like to welcome the following members to our staff team:

cnsrapp with his promotion to Destiny Division Officer, and

RadWombat with her promotion to Social Media Officer


Congratulations to you both!


Inactive Accounts will be Deleted Oct 15/15
Keeping an active member list is important to the development and future of Veritas Gaming. Because of this, our basic activity rule states Members need to insure they have logged into our website at least once every 3 months. Those that go inactive over that time period need to post a "check-in" to regain access to the forums.
We have left this on the back burner for a very long time in the hope that members who have gone inactive would return, many of which are founding members of the community. We can no longer continue to ignore our inactive members list as it has grown to just over 900 members.
Members accounts who have been marked as inactive, and have not logged in for 6 months, will still have access to the website until October 15, 2015. They can login and post a check-in to retain their account. After this day, those accounts will be deleted.
Accounts that have been inactive for longer than 6 months will be deleted on a regular basis from this day forward.
We have sent out numerous notifications to the emails of these accounts. If you have friends who have still have accounts here, or know some of our veteran members who have not returned in a long time, take some time to let them know.

VG Admin & Webteam




It has been a relatively quiet month for battlefield both within VG and the community as a whole. We did receive some battlefront news regarding two gamemodes and were given some more information on the new Battlefield 4 night maps. We have now learned that the night maps will be launched in the September patch on all platforms. The community map is reaching its final stages of development and has the potential to be launched the same time as the night maps however this has not been confirmed. All of these new maps and other game changes are available to play right now in the community test environment for the PC providing that you have purchased premium for Battlefield 4.


There will be more news next month when the new content goes live.


drametheus - Battlefield DO



Call Of Duty:


There are no CoD updates this month. 





The Destiny Division has been going through some changes. Our command structure was shaken up a little by the departure of the Supreme Leader known only as Coluejack. However, the show must go on. We continue to grow and change in the division. We have had five new members within the last three weeks and more are starting to express interest here at VG and on some of our secondary sites. Another big change is that our NA Squads have been joined into the new Voidknight Squad, and our leadership there has been eager to get things going.


We have also started competitions and challenges between the squads and things will be heating up there soon. The three main challenges presently are all end game content for the most part, but we have more on the way. What we are most eager for is the arrival of our next load of DLC. The Taken King releases next month, and is said to have a comparable amount of content to the base game. We are also having our current level cap moved up from 34 to 40, and all leveling will be based off of experience points and not armor statistics.


Now has never been a better time to join in on Destiny, or to get back into the game if it burned you with its grind earlier in it is release. We look forward to having new players, and we will have more to report next month once we have the DLC in hand.


cnsrapp - Destiny DO



League of Legends Division:

A few developments over the past couple of months for the League of Legends; the Competitive Squad has been disbanded due to other commitments of the members. They were progressing through the ranks but ultimately, real life comes first so it was decided to disband as they couldn't keep up with the time requirements of being a Competitive Squad. Additionally, the EUNE Battalion has been put on hiatus for the time being. We'll be looking to start this back up in a month or so possibly when people aren't away on summer vacations which will give us a better opportunity to find active membership which will hopefully keep growing.


Due to the above changes, the EUW Battalion has grown slightly overall and the activity levels have definitely increased. As per usual, the NA Battalion has been business as usual; they participated in a few Reddit team learning programs and have been consistently chugging along and having fun the whole while.



VG Events:

Unfortunately, Irbystadt has been a bit MIA after being appointed to the Events Manager position so I've been doing my best to compensate for this. We had the VG All Nighter which - aside from my passing out pretty early in the evening - went REALLY well. We even had a 24 hour stream going by one of our members and I believe she managed the whole thing, so congrats to VG AngelDescent for that.


On top of this, August was VG Retro Month and we've been playing 'older' games, either games that used to be played by VG or just generally older games, and this has been a relative success. People have generally been showing up and having fun on a multitude of these older games, and this is greatly because of members offering their time to host these games and play them with other members. So a huge thank you to all those that I was in PM's with about helping out for the Retro Month Weekenders, it was highly appreciated.


We'll probably try and get another VG All Nighter going at the end of October with the intention to make this a monthly occurrence, so pay attention for news of this     :)


Kind Regards,

VG Wolf - League of Legends DO




Our new world is being settled and things are calming down on our vanilla server.

Only thing that needs to be mentioned is our VG MCBT ( Map building team ) and their awesome vision and skill set.  Our own exclusively made & created VG Ender Dragon Adventure went superbly, somewhat!  It was a lot of fun and our team gave us a hint of their vision and what they plan bring to us, We are looking forward to show you more stuff that we are preparing in future.

On the last note about vanilla , you can expect more events coming your way!


Feed The Beast:

Our server is now ONLINE with a new mod pack!!  Massive changes and loads of new things are on, a new and bigger bag full of interesting toys to be played with and blocks to build with.

There are a lot of changes with the pack so don't hesitate to ask for help.

Keep an eye on the FTB sub-forum for any minor changes , updates , and news that are coming your way!


VGOneloveXS - Minecraft DO


Game Division and Lobby News:

We have threenew game lobbies.

 Bradyation, his focus is on having fun and recruiting for new members. He will be hosting different games but mainly CS:GO on monday or tuesday. But due to his busy schedule it can happen that he will not host the lobby at the set date and time.

ECO_slider, he will  recreate the good old days in BF3 on the PS3. If you miss the BF3 and structured game play on the PS3 join ECO in his battles.

bennymac2009, his lobby will focus on structured and team play in arma 3. If you like Arma 3 and don´t want to play alone join benny in Arma 3.


Current lobbies:

DayZ by Padrone39 - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 19:00 - 21:00 GMT

Space Engineers by Ironstate96 – Saturday 20:00 GMT

Waregame by FuzeDzn – Saturday 19:00 GMT

Battlefield 3 (PC) by Dovahkiin – Wednesday 20:00 GMT

Insurgency by ClashOfTime – Sunday 21:00 EST

CS:GO by rabid_narwhal – Monday 21:30 GMT

PlantSide2 by spacetoy100 – Tuesday 20:00 GMT

CS:GO by Bradyation – Monday or Tuesday 19:00 GMT

Battlefield 3 (PS3) by ECO_slider - Saturday 21:00 EST

Arma 3 by bennymac2009 -  Saturday 19:30 GMT


If you want the challenge and wish to venture into the wonderful and rewarding world of hosting a game lobby then here:


Game Leader Requirements: All we need is people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to host a game lobby at the same time every week. Simple as that. We can then start to promote the lobby and encourage more activity.

Lets help out, game reviews by VG members. Steam Curator:


VG is planning to get involved in to the steam curator program. For this to be a success we need VG members that have the time and dedication to work on game reviews, for current ,new and upcoming games. If you are interested or have any ideas send a PM to UglyWornOutShoe.


About steam curators: http://store.steampo...tors/?l=english


UglyWornOutShoe - PC Corps Commander



WebTeam News: 

The Web Team is slowly moving to a release for the new live stream page.

We'll also be updating the shoutbox banner soon.

thinwhiteduke has produced some more banners for the forums. You can view them as the banners for the game leader lobby sections.

Other projects are still in the works.


zazra - Head Web Officer



Message From Admin Team:


This time of year is typically a quiet time but despite that there is still many things being planned in the background and there's a bustle of activity off the books. The next few months in Veritas Gaming are going to be some of the best yet. I encourage you to get involved in the community. Even if it's making a simple post about your favorite game or TV show. There's plenty of places to get involved with your thoughts and opinions and join the conversation. Our TeamSpeak server is also a great place to get to know new people and even just hang out while you listen to music or browse the web. The Helpdesk channel, aka staff lobby, is always open for you to join anytime and have a chat. Hope to meet you there soon!

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I also approve this message!

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