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Getting older with VG

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For those those that don't know me here are my 1st and 2nd Testimonials.




Hello to all those that have been hear longer than me, VG has and still is a great place to be.

To those that have come to VG in the past 2 years and 3 months I hope you are having a great time here too.

Having joined after watching Luetin on youtube for a year or so, my old clan had been running since the launch of BC2. Well over 5 1/2 years ago now, I had played against VG for a few years. My clan had lasted just over 3 years before disbanding. And over the few years i've realised how many gaming friends come and go.


Not liking where my clan was heading, I decided to join VG. Comparing VG to my old clan though, it would be more like comparing it to a squad in VG. We were stuck with BF and thats why it didn't last. VG being a community and not being just a one game only clan was a great move. The variety of people/players you meet is great. Having joined for BF and been in two squads thanks to the launch of PS4. I found the change of players strange at first and began to miss those I had met first. Because of this though I decided to spread out within VG. Not letting myself be stuck to just my group but as much of VG as I could. Its not easy but i managed to get involved in LoL and Minecraft for a bit as well as being XO for BF. But after the birth of my 1st daughter and then my 2nd just last year. Time became tighter. Then BF died in my heart, but just in time for the Destiny Alpha. My alliance to DICE moved to Bungie very quickly thanks to BF4. And thankfully Destiny became a great game and many BF players in VG followed along in the same path.


Once again time got even tighter as i finally found work after being unemployed for over 6 years. With my wife and two kids to look after things really started to change in my life not only that but passing the 30 mark too(32 currently). I thought my gaming days were over, but just like everyone in VG we all have a life outside VG and this was understood. I also began to notice many were in the same boat as me.


VG is the friendliest place i have been so far in my 15 years of gaming online with clans. Of course you can't expect to get  on with everyone all the time but we all try our hardest. Even with my sarcastic jokes or my not so funny only I get them jokes. I just like to make things light hearted as we are here to relax and enjoy ourselves. Not to take things to seriously. Unless of course they need to be now and then.


I'm currently at work on my lunch break, taking the time to right this. But I urge any that read this that are new, post in the forums and the shoutbox. It's one of the main ways to get to know your fellow VG. I myself have notice since the PS4 came out and all the social feature focused on in games I don't spend enough time on our own site. 


To those who have been here as long as me or longer, here's to another year and more again. And hopefully I won't have any more kids in that timeframe too ;)


Veritas Gaming truly is the best place for gaming!

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Nice one Wolfie^^ I've only been with VG for 3 ½ years now...