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July 2015 Newsletter

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Forum updates:

We have conjured up a new section of our beloved forums that allow for qucik and easy access to information regarding different groups and hangouts we use for various games in VG. These include the Battlelog platoon, the Rockstar Social club group, the Google hangouts and the steam group.This new subform goes by the title Groups, Guilds and Server Registrations and can be located in the registrations section of the forums.
If you would like any information about how to apply or who to ask for an invite then please use the following link for all the information you require:


Battlefield news:

This month has seen the release of the Battlefield 4 spring update, along with bug fixes and game improvements Dice has bestowed 5 new weapons to add to our arsenal. With these new weapons and the promise of night maps there has never been a better time to start or to resume playing battlefield. And what better way to do so than within the ranks of VG. Speaking of which...

Victory and honor. This is what runs through the blood of our soldiers and this is what caused the blood of our enemies to be stripped from their bodies and stain the battlefield we left them on. As we travel from one land to the next we rid this world of the scum that oppose us but leave their bodies as tribute to the legacy of the Veritas Legion. The definition of words such as "surrender" and "defeat" no longer reside within the tongue in which we speak. Only Glory, to be proved on the field of battle..

So, we were successful in our most recent scrim over on the PC in battlefield. The battle was well fought but there was only ever one clear victor. If you too would like to join our army of highly skilled warriors, mouse and keyboard in hand. State your name and pledge yourself to us.


However, if you cannot find comfort in the ancient ways of the mouse and keyboard then perhaps a controller is more your style. Whether your origins be one of Europe or of American, we are always in need of new recruits. So come and may the spoils of war aid in your elevation to title of leader within our ranks.


-drametheus Battlefield DO

CoD news:

Here in the CoD division, we are ending the month on a good note. In the month on May, a new squad has been made comprised of people from another clan as their clan discontinued their CoD squad. So far, the squad is exceeding expectations with 4 practices under their belt. If more activity like this is to happen, the division will return to former glory.

-Drummer978 CoD XO

Destiny news:

House of Wolves has arrived!!! Veritas Gaming Guardians from EU and NA are feverishly leveling their characters to 34 thanks to fresh armor, etheric light, and upgraded exotics! This surge of new content has brought us together, taking us with hunting targets for the Queen in story missions, battling various waves of enemies on varying difficulties in Prison of Elders, and taking the ultimate PvP challenge during the weekend Trials of Osiris events.

A handful of our storied guardians have overcome thorn-pocalypse and taken the trip to Mercury, enjoying exciting new elemental primary weapons and armour. This is a recurring event that needs high end communication and teamwork in order to be successful, so don't feel like you've missed everything because a couple have come and gone! Others have found solace in the ability to upgrade beastly primaries like Vision of Confluence and Fatebringer, both mainstays in many inventories.

We have also welcomed some fresh faces to our group, which is ever growing and evolving into a cohesive, effective unit. This is largely in thanks to the members of Destiny Leadership, and the passion our guardians show to never leave anyone playing alone.

The future of Destiny is bright with Prison of Elders changing weekly, and the Iron Banner waving in the distance! Make sure to stop on by, say hello, and enjoy some of the finer moments of thrall smashing, cabal sniping, yellow bar shotgunning Destiny fun.

-Coluejack Destiny DO

League of Legends News:

Hello all,

It's been a relatively quiet month for the League of Legends Division outside of the 'creation' of our first Competitive Squad in a while, Sona, on the EUW Server. Although they haven't progressed in the rankings as quickly as they would've hoped due to completely reforming the squad for the sake of starting afresh for their new responsibility, they're still at Silver 1 quite quickly. In all fairness, had I not been included in the squad in-game for monitoring purposes, they'd probably be up in Platinum at the very least by now.

Outside of that, we've been slowly getting new members into the different servers. Our NA squad has also just come to the end of their 'Learning Fives' program whereby they practice with a highly ranked member from the LoL Community and get tactical advice and technique improvement help. From their feedback they seem to have enjoyed this thoroughly and should it come around again, I'm sure they'll jump right on board. Additional to this, there's some talk on Reddit about the formation of a Reddit league similar to the LCS (League Championship Series, professional gamers) which they've taken interest in which could be fruitful.

Finally, I'd like to congratulate VG Doddles (seriously aDodd, that's your new name?) on his promotion to Executive Officer for the EUW Server. He's been with us for quite some time and, as part of Sona squad, should be a great representative of Veritas Gaming. He replaces Redstoneguy in the position who stepped down due to time commitments elsewhere. We'd like to thank him for his time in the role and all the hard work he's put in over the months since being appointed to the position.

-VG Wolf League of Legends DO

Minecraft news:

With the 1.8 update we had to say goodbye to the Old World due to numerous new things that came with the update. Now on a happier note our New World is amazing. New awesome seed with all new features that came with the 1.8. update, and it gives us much more possibilities to do more awesome and crazy things. And we will show that through some interesting events in the near future.

With our brand new and ever expanding New World we are creating new Map Building Team ( MBT).
We are looking for members with building skills, redstone & command block experience.
Check out the Minecraft sub-forums for the information.
The new MBT will bring you some new events that you may not have encourtered before, at VG or anywhere else in the Minecradr community.
However, for now this information will remain a secret. You will need to follow Minecraft sub-forums for news and to find out!!

Feed The Beast:

Our FTB pack is "updated", but we are still working on some config and mod changes.
We need to do a little bit more testing to get the server to work.
Follow the forums for future news!

Keep an eye on the MC forums and our MC Server because "A NEW WORLD IS RISING"

-VG OneloveXS Minecraft DO
Game Division & Lobby News:

We have a two new Game Lobbies one for Counter Strike Global Offensive hosted by rabid_narwhale and the other one for PlanetSide2 hosted by spacetoy100.

The CS:GO lobby focuses on competitive game play, So if you want to protect and serve to make the world a safer place or you want to make sure people are terrified and don't feel safe anymore. Or you want to challenge rabid's squad check out rabid's lobby

In the PlanetSide Universe you will experience four beautiful scenery's. Indar a hot dried up ocean on one side and mountains and canyons mixed with trees and green grass on the other side. Or the cold and icy tundra off Esamir. If Indar is to hot for you and Esamir to cold try the plains with sporadic mountainous terrain mixed wit lush flora on Amerish. The open world not for you don't worry we got a place for you, Hossin with large trees and tall vegetation in a swamp covered terrain. On these four beautiful worlds you can join the fight with the Terran Republic against the rebels New Conglomerate and the indoctrinated Vanu Sovereignty.

rabid's lobby http://www.veritasga...als-csgo-lobby/
spacetoy's lobby http://www.veritasga...anetside-lobby/

If you want the challenge and wish to venture into the wonderful and rewarding world of hosting a game lobby then here:


Game Leader Requirements: All we need is people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to host a game lobby at the same time every week. Simple as that. We can then start to promote the lobby and encourage more activity.

-UglyWornOutShoe PC Corps Commander

WebTeam News:

There is not much news for the WebTeam this month, current projects remain the same.
However Thinwhiteduke23 has joined our Graphics team and cnsrapp has joined the coding team as coding officer, these two additions to our team should help accelerate the rate in which the graphic fidelity and website as a whole are improved.

-zazra Head Web Officer

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