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April 2015 Newsletter

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Veritas Gaming April 2015 Newsletter


VG Wide News
- Donation Drive & Anniversary
- Website Host Change
Game Division & Lobby News
- Game Leader Lobbies
- Call of Duty: AW
- Destiny
- Minecraft
- League of Legends
- Battlefield
WebTeam News
Final words from DynamiteTiger

VG Wide News

VG Donation Drive and 5 year Anniversary:
As it seems to be the pattern every year, our annual April Donation drive came to an end in just over 2 weeks. We truly are fortunate to have amazing members that care enough to support each other in the continued effort to make this community better, in not only their time but with their wallets as well. Rest assured that the website and associated servers are taken care of for another year. Any and all other donations from now, will go towards giveaways and prizes for events, or to cover any expansion costs. With that in mind VG's Upper Chain of Command are always looking to the future on what the next chapter of the community will bring, and the future looks bright.
Another month, and another year older. This coming month, Sunday May 17th, will be the 5th Anniversary of Veritas Gaming Headquarters. It's amazing to think how far we've come from being a PlayStation 3 clan of about a hundred people to where we are today. The amount of volunteer hours staff and members have spent on our community website, and the structure that supports our friendships, is countless. The same goals and principals that brought us together 5 years ago, is still true today. We wanted to build a community that would last the test of time. Among the continually expanding gaming culture it is difficult to maintain friendships online. With the support of this structured community we all have friends that will last a lifetime.
To celebrate, we will be hosting a Meet n Greet Livestream on Twitch Sunday May 17th, at 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT. For more information follow the link to the Official Announcement. We hope you join us!
Website Host Change:
In the upcoming days we will be switching server hosts for our website. This means that the forums and website might have a little bit of down time. We have had the same server host since the day the community was formed and have avoided server down time at all costs. But Bluehost has not been the best host for us, and it's time we made a change for the better.
We honestly can't say how long the website will be down for, but it shouldn't be for more then a few hours maximum. We also can't predict when exactly this will happen, but we are counting on about 3-5 days from the moment this newsletter has been sent out. If you wish to stay informed during this transition, keep an eye on our official twitter here: https://twitter.com/VeritasGamingHQ
We apologize for any inconvenience.
zazra, Head Web Team Officer
Game Division & Lobby News


Game Leader Lobbies:
Battlefield Hardline has shown a slight decrease in popularity on the PC side, and  the Game Lobby will be taking a break from activity. If you are interested in reviving the Game Lobby please send a PM to drametheus and UglyWornOutShoe. Until this time, please use the Battlefield Hardline sub-forum for any news and discussions you have regarding the game. Despite the small decrease in PC popularity we have seen an increasingly positive response on the consoles and more specifically the PS4. If you are interested in leading a BFH lobby then please send a PM to drametheus and UglyWornOutShoe.  If you have any interest in playing BFH on the PS4 or any other console please go here: http://www.veritasga...rdline-sign-up/
The game leader lobby section has been seeing more interest from members, but we are eager to see this trend continue.
So if you play a game that is not yet supported by Veritas Gaming, and would like to see a lobby for it, please sign up here:
New game lobbies this month:
Insurgency – ClashOfTime –  Sunday 21:00 EST
Coming soon:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Game Leader Requirements: All we need is people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to host a game lobby at the same time every week. Simple as that. We can then start to promote the lobby and encourage more activity.
UglyWornOutShoe, PC Corps Commander
Call of Duty:
There hasn't been much progress in the implementation in the “Grand Scheme of a New Beginning.” The only way to move forward in this division, ladies and gentlemen, is to step up and become Recruitment Officers and/or Squad Staff. I believe, together comrades, we can bring back the CoD division to a healthy state.
Link to Plan: http://www.veritasga...-new-beginning/
If you have any interest in playing Call of Duty in an organized lobby, please contact me.
Drummer978, Call of Duty Executive Officer
The Destiny division has grown a bit restless in the pursuit of May 19th, the release of House of Wolves.  Fireteams are ever active, with daily and weekly activities being handled with ease, and membership is on the rise thanks to the persistent efforts of cnsrapp.  With teasers being shown this week for what is in store, the Destiny division should be once again thriving with exciting new activities in May.  We have also welcomed some new faces into the squad staff to guarantee each meeting time is useful and effective for members seeking help in many of the weekly activities that require group efforts.  In the meantime, join us for the latest challenge, raid races!  Groups will put their best efforts forth to complete Vault of Glass and Crota's End in record time.
Coluejack, Destiny Division Officer
Good news Minecrafters! We have finally been able to update our vanilla server to 1.8.4.
I know it has taken a long time, too long, but we are finally here. Hopefully we will see a rise in numbers again on the server.
Happy crafting!
Feed the beast is now up for a package update.
When we have more news about it we will post it on the forums, but for now its only just testing and making sure we can get the server to work.
New Minecraft Division Officer!
The web team duties are starting to take up more time and some of them have great priority, zazra has offered to step down from his Minecraft Division Officer position to ensure he is able to put all his focus where it matters most. With this in mind, after a bit of consideration and agreement all round, we will be promoting VG OneloveXS into the DO position.
We wish him good luck in his new position and many great Minecraft adventures!
zazra, Head Web Team Officer
League of Legends:

This month has been quite a quiet month in terms of change for the LoL Division. Riot did their usual thing of releasing a 'new' game mode within the game for April Fools. As everyone had hoped, it was Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode and not New Ultra Rapid Fire (NURF) mode, which was met with the usual chants of "PLEASE KEEP THIS GAME MODE FOREVER". Alas, it's time has come and gone as expected but everyone had a right good laugh with it while it was here.
The Executive Officer for the EUNE Battalion decided to step down, and we thank Teffian for his service in the position over the last few months. We are currently looking for a new XO therefore if you play in the EUNE Battalion and think you have the chops for it, you can apply for the position here: http://www.veritasga...cutive-officer/
Lastly but definitely not leastly, I - with the consultation of my Senior Staff - have taken the decision to reorganise the way that Introductory Squads work within the LoL Division. Whereas we currently copy the format from the FPS games, this doesn't lend itself to team building, competitive play and the likes, in the same way within League of Legends. Most players, when looking for a community, want similarly minded players to play ranked games with; occasionally playing casually with other gamers and having a laugh. We will therefore be grouping up members within our current IS squads into groups of 6 players with the hope that playing 1 or 2 practices a week, exclusively for ranked play if they desire, with the same people and building up cohesion and familiarity with one another will increase the 'fun' levels that feedback suggests people have been looking for within the LoL Division.
This will be taking effect within the next week or two.
Kind Regards,
VG Wolf, League of Legends Division Officer
This month has not seen a significant amount of change over in the battlefield division. I would, however, like to offer my congratulations to our new Battlefield console XO: harvers. This member has been in a squad staff role for quite some time now and he is more than ready to take the next step in the chain of command, holding the very well earned rank of 2nd Lieutenant. 
The League of Death (LoD) team have started to find victory again after our enemies received some heavy reinforcements, however we still need your help. If you are interested in LoD please go here: http://www.veritasga...eague-of-death/
The Battlefield division has not had a busy month or a month that has held events and news, however, what we have had is security. The battlefield division has been fluctuating over the past few months with an influx of new members, a new title, new staff and various other changes. It now feels that we have a solid group of people who all know what it is they want to achieve through their game play. If you would like to feel that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that so many of our members have been blessed with then why don't you come and join us. We are only a couple of clicks away.
drametheus, Battlefield Division Officer
WebTeam News:
The webteam is super busy and amping up for some big changes in queue. Work is still in progress on the live-stream and rosters pages, and several other website tools are planned for the near future. We will very soon start on a new shoutbox banner design with some special functionality that will turn it into a sort of quick launch bar/menu to help our members better navigate our website. More information about what we are working on can be found here: http://www.veritasga...ere-working-on/
zazra, Head Web Team Officer.
Final Thoughts:
With VGHQs anniversary in the near future there's been a buzz among the community that is difficult to describe. My best description could be, the calm before the storm. We've built a great foundation on which to build on. Now it's time to fine tune the things that we do best to strengthen our structure. In the coming months you will see some changes in the community to improve our members experience from the time they make their first post, to years into their membership. If you would like to help Veritas Gaming Headquarters enter the next chapter of what is yet be discovered in this one a of kind community, stay tuned to the forums. We're always looking for volunteers to help. Take a look at the Staff Vacancies linked below. There may be something there for you. If you are willing, but are unsure of what it is you can do to help, please PM a member of VG staff.
DynamiteTiger, Veritas Gaming Admin

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