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Squad Staff

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Squad Staff


What is Squad Staff?

Squad staff are the people in charge of a squad within a division. The squad staff is comprised of one Squad Leader, and one or more Squad Assistants. The Squad Staff should be the first people a squad member reports to in the case of an issue, whether an absence from practice, or a problem with another member. All squad staff are required to utilize the forums for most, if not all of squad communications, and encourage members of their squad to do the same.


Squad Leader (SL)

A Squad Leader is the person in charge of a squad. A squad can be made up of 4 or more members, and each squad will have a squad leader. The SL is in charge of hosting a minimum of two mandatory practices a week, submitting practice reports, and submitting updating requests for ATS promotions. The SL should delegate some of these responsibilities to the Squad Assistant, and train the Squad Assistant to become a Squad Leader. The SL reports directly to the XO of that console and battalion. The SL is ranked Staff Sergeant if a higher ATS ranked has not been achieved.


Squad Assistant (SA)

A Squad Assistant is in charge of assisting the Squad Leader where needed. The Squad Leader will delegate to the SA exactly what he is responsible for in practices, whether it be hosting a second party, or leading a second team. The SA can hold practice when the SL is absent, hold weekly optional practices, and is able to submit practice reports and updating requests. The SA reports directly to the SL. The SA is ranked Sergeant if a higher ATS rank has not been achieved.