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March 2015 Newsletter

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Veritas Gaming March 2015 Newsletter
Further Development of our Community as the year progresses


As we enter the fourth month of 2015 and edge closer to the 5 year VG anniversary, we continue to see development and growth. However before we reach that milestone, I (and the rest of the UCOC) would like to take a minute and thank you, VG Members. Without you we would have no motivation to keep our community at the height of success, you are the reason we strive to make VG the best it can possibly be. I sincerely hope that you will all be pleased and satisfied with any future changes that are made in an attempt to further enhance your gaming and social experience. I am proud to be apart of VG and I have the utmost confidence that you are too.  


League of Legends
Call of Duty
Game Leader Lobbies
Web Team





This past month has been revolutionary for the battlefield community. We have seen the development of our BF4 squads with new staff members, bringing a high level of sophistication and tactical genius to our already mighty army.  The Xbox One squad continues to thrive in its youth as the devoted leaders begins to conjure new ways to dominate the battlefield.


In short BF4 remains popular and enjoyable within our community, as it will continue to do so before it is laid to rest by the next title.


Speaking of which:


Hardline is here and it has arrived in a big way. This game was a risk to say the least, it gave me splitting headaches trying to insert this game into our already settled community. I thought it would be too much, and we would have to retire this game before it had had a chance to live, to be embraced by the (somewhat hostile) battlefield community..

I couldn't have been more wrong. We are currently laying the foundations of a highly skilled and dedicated console squad. If you would like to break the law or enforce it with controller in hand then go here. I shall enjoy placing you behind bars for causing havoc in the streets that you swore to protect.


The PC currently has a remarkable 12 members taking advantage of the gift Visceral and Dice have bestowed to us. If you would like to graduate Police Academy and take to the streets or beat up some dude to gain title of drug lord wielding a Key Board and Mouse then go here.


If you are above the low status cop or have seen the error of your criminal ways, and are looking to take a more serious approach to war (with A LOT bigger guns) then join us in the League of Death.


We anxiously await your arrival.. 


Drametheus, Battlefield Division Officer



League Of Legends 


We've now got posts up for recruitment in the new League of Legends boards after they changed their structure and how they look, and the EUW Battalion post can be found at the following address:
We've started to get the member count trickling back up to what I'd consider standard which has prompted me to set up a League of Legends tournament scheduled for Saturday 4th April on both the EUNE and EUW servers - the details of which can be found here:  http://www.veritasga...ament-euw-eune/
The prizes listed will be funded by VG LOL Staff  and this tournament isn't restricted to just LoL Division Members. This is being opened up to all Community Members to try and increase the numbers involved and make it more challenging for all involved. 
And so they don't feel like I'm neglecting them, the LoL NA Battalion now has new leadership in the form of Dusk Inferno as the Commanding Officer with DistilledBullet being his Executive Officer. I wish them all the best in their position and as they've been at it more than a month now, they seem to be coming along quite well and fulfilling all duties expected of them.
Finally, we went through a bit of a period with the EUNE Battalion requiring a change of Commanding Officer a couple of times, with TehGrinder now being the CO for LoL EUNE and he is doing a great job of it.
VG Wolf Claws, LoL Division Officer

The VG Destiny Division continues to soldier on, despite a lack of fresh content from Bungie.  This is strongly attributed to the friendships forged during missions, raids, nightfalls, and bounties around the four playable planets.  We have experienced some new membership, welcoming and supporting the lower ranked members.  This has been an enjoyable opportunity and a challenge, returning to the raids and providing strategy tips to eager ears.


Another successful Iron Banner event is nearly in the books, and many VG Destiny members will be sporting the chest piece only obtainable after achieving rank four.  The best fireteams are often the full fireteams, fighting through sliding shotgunners and capitalizing on teamwork.  While Destiny lends itself to a more casual atmosphere, Iron Banner is always an enjoyable competitive experience as it drops near the end of every month.


With three strong squads stretching from North America to Europe, we continue to grow slowly yet surely as House of Wolves closes in.


Coluejack, Destiny Division Officer






Sadly there is not a lot of news for the minecraft division right now.

The vanilla server is still waiting on plugin updates before we will switch over to 1.8.

FTB will get an update soon and the server and its map will be reset when this update is released.


On April 4th @ 7PM GMT / 8PM CEST / 2PM EDT / 11PM PDT, the Minecraft division will host a block hunt event.

Everyone can join, and there is no need to be whitelisted on our own VG server.

Information can be found here.


Zazra, Minecraft Division Officer




Call of Duty:


Hello, Drummer978 here, as of last month I have taken over the Call of Duty division. What this means for the players is, I am here to get this division back on its feet and better than ever. Sadly, under my hand, I had to close down the whole Xbox CoD division, simply because of the lack of activity show by the two squads that made up the division. This means, only a PS4 European Squad and a PS3 North American squad remains in the CoD division as a whole. I am currently working hard to recruit members and come up with ideas to attract more members to build more squads. I cannot do this alone comrades, we need leaders to fill the shoes of the leaders who have stepped down and recruitment officers to attract these future leaders.


Drummer978, Call of Duty Executive Officer




Game Leader Lobbies:


Game Leader lobbies are on the rise and it's great to see. In the last month we lost 2 and gained 6 lobbies!  The game leader lobby section is growing and this is great to see. However its a shame to see that most lobbies are for the PC, we would love to see our console members start official lobbies so we can promote your parties. So if you want to start a game lobby or just tag along for the ride then have a look at the Game Leader Lobbies section on the forum.


New game lobbies

Space Engineers - Ironstate96 - Saturday 20:00 GMT 

Wargame - FuzeDzn - Satureday 19:00 GMT

BF Hardline - Dovah - Tuesday 20:00 GMT

Guild Wars 2 - VG Sav - Tuesdays and Thursdays 19:30 EST

Gmod - GL Lyteshift - no schedule

Dota 2 - Georgewesker97 - no schedule


The Arma III and Warframe lobbies stopped due to lack of interest.


Or you are interested in being a GL for a game we don't support in a division please sign up here:



Game Leader Requirements: All we need is people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to host a game lobby at the same time every week. Simple as that. Then we can start to promote the lobby and encourage more activity.


UglyWornOutShoe, PC Corps Commander 




Web Team:


Updates continue on the website and forums.

Rosters are still being overhauled and the live stream page should see an update again soon.


Zazra, Head Web Team Officer



Editor's final words:


I would like to wish all of VG luck as they continue their endeavors into the wonderful world of gaming. Play hard, win hard and most of all show the world what VG has to offer. May we strike fear in the hearts of our foes and see our allies to safety.


Drametheus, Battlefield DO, March Newspaper Editor 

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