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What has VG given me?

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VG Sorthan

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I would like the share my (soon to be) two years of commitment to Veritas Gaming in a couple words, very quickly.


The memories are countless. I remember the late LoL nights I was part of, I remember the CS:GO days and I remember everything from when I got my first assignment as a Squad Assistant up till the months I was the Head Recruitment Officer. The ride has been long, joyful and has given me plenty. As of today I know great people across four continents - all thanks to Veritas Gaming. I do hold these gaming-memories dearly, being part of this has been truly amazing.


These gaming-memories are not unique though, everyone has something they relate to when asked "What is the best memory you have of VG?". I would not say that a particular event or session is the best thing that happened to me - I would say that the things that I have learned has been the most important part of it - getting to know new people might be equally important.


Across all ranks I have been given I have been yelled at by many - I have even been hated by some. Discipline, patience and the art of listening. As I joined Veritas Gaming when I was 16 those were not my best attributes, but they have all improved greatly these two years. While the gaming has been great, the lessons have been even greater. Having people who are older than me yell at me has been quite interesting, to say the least.

  Besides this Veritas Gaming gave me the chance to improve my english. As I live in Sweden there would be no way for me to learn proper english without Veritas Gaming. Out of 30 students, the one who joined Veritas Gaming two years ago stands out and exceeds the rest. While the discipline and the patience allowed me to get in to politics, the gaming sessions gave me an outstanding improvement of the english language - which recently gave me the possibility to get a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (which allows you to study technically anywhere in the world).


To any new members of Veritas Gaming who might give this a read, I say this: involvement and being socially open is key. There are plenty of positions that need to be filled and it will give you something to take with you once you decide to move on - whether that position is a Squad Assistant or something higher. Take place, speak your heart and improve - you might be yelled at but I assure you that the administration rather has someone that comes with ideas and improvements than someone who does not contribute at all. They might be scary (specially that Tiger..) but they all want the best of the community and its members.


Veritas Gaming is not only a place where you get to know great new people to play games with, take in the details and there are plenty of lessons to be learned as well - the gaming bit might be the better part though. ;)





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Great post Sorthan surprised I am the first person to comment, its always fantastic to hear the experiences people have had and that they still make up what VG has always been about.


This was a great overview of what new people can expect to gain from VG you always get out what you put into something.

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