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#161235 What has VG given me?

Posted by VG Sorthan on 25 February 2015 - 04:17 PM

I would like the share my (soon to be) two years of commitment to Veritas Gaming in a couple words, very quickly.


The memories are countless. I remember the late LoL nights I was part of, I remember the CS:GO days and I remember everything from when I got my first assignment as a Squad Assistant up till the months I was the Head Recruitment Officer. The ride has been long, joyful and has given me plenty. As of today I know great people across four continents - all thanks to Veritas Gaming. I do hold these gaming-memories dearly, being part of this has been truly amazing.


These gaming-memories are not unique though, everyone has something they relate to when asked "What is the best memory you have of VG?". I would not say that a particular event or session is the best thing that happened to me - I would say that the things that I have learned has been the most important part of it - getting to know new people might be equally important.


Across all ranks I have been given I have been yelled at by many - I have even been hated by some. Discipline, patience and the art of listening. As I joined Veritas Gaming when I was 16 those were not my best attributes, but they have all improved greatly these two years. While the gaming has been great, the lessons have been even greater. Having people who are older than me yell at me has been quite interesting, to say the least.

  Besides this Veritas Gaming gave me the chance to improve my english. As I live in Sweden there would be no way for me to learn proper english without Veritas Gaming. Out of 30 students, the one who joined Veritas Gaming two years ago stands out and exceeds the rest. While the discipline and the patience allowed me to get in to politics, the gaming sessions gave me an outstanding improvement of the english language - which recently gave me the possibility to get a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (which allows you to study technically anywhere in the world).


To any new members of Veritas Gaming who might give this a read, I say this: involvement and being socially open is key. There are plenty of positions that need to be filled and it will give you something to take with you once you decide to move on - whether that position is a Squad Assistant or something higher. Take place, speak your heart and improve - you might be yelled at but I assure you that the administration rather has someone that comes with ideas and improvements than someone who does not contribute at all. They might be scary (specially that Tiger..) but they all want the best of the community and its members.


Veritas Gaming is not only a place where you get to know great new people to play games with, take in the details and there are plenty of lessons to be learned as well - the gaming bit might be the better part though. ;)





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#182962 Official All-Nighter July

Posted by xxJoyGamerxx on 10 July 2016 - 02:54 PM




Official All-Nighter July



We are currently setting up this event for Saturday July 23rd starting at 7PM GMT / 2PM EST / 11AM PST. For the older members, yes this is not on the last Friday or Saturday like most of you may remember. “So why did you pick this date?” because an all-nighter has not been planned for a very long time it was about time that we, Padrone and I, made sure we had a date at least the two of us where available to kick it off.



So this said what can you expect?

We are currently planning to get game leaders to host their lobbies, you are free to join in whatever you like or see what your favorite game leader is planning to do. 

Right now the main games being planned are:

  • Rocket league
  • Insurgency
  • Overwatch
  • GTA V
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Squad
  • ARMA
  • Planetside
  • Battlefield

If there is a game you would like to see make sure to leave a comment on this forum post or send a personal message to Padrone and me.



Why would you join?

Well first things first, playing with friends is fun! It gives hilarious moments and gives you the ability to meet people you have seen but never spoken to and make new friends to play with.

Next to this you are also able to gain the double amount of ATS for up to five hours of joining a game leader with a game.

Bring in your friends! Yes that is correct, people outside of Veritas Gaming are going to be able to play with you and try out if they like the community. Feel free to invite your friends who you like to play with outside of VG and invite them to this little event.



If there are any questions leave a comment. 

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#171976 Getting older with VG

Posted by IREWolfman on 28 September 2015 - 12:23 PM

For those those that don't know me here are my 1st and 2nd Testimonials.




Hello to all those that have been hear longer than me, VG has and still is a great place to be.

To those that have come to VG in the past 2 years and 3 months I hope you are having a great time here too.

Having joined after watching Luetin on youtube for a year or so, my old clan had been running since the launch of BC2. Well over 5 1/2 years ago now, I had played against VG for a few years. My clan had lasted just over 3 years before disbanding. And over the few years i've realised how many gaming friends come and go.


Not liking where my clan was heading, I decided to join VG. Comparing VG to my old clan though, it would be more like comparing it to a squad in VG. We were stuck with BF and thats why it didn't last. VG being a community and not being just a one game only clan was a great move. The variety of people/players you meet is great. Having joined for BF and been in two squads thanks to the launch of PS4. I found the change of players strange at first and began to miss those I had met first. Because of this though I decided to spread out within VG. Not letting myself be stuck to just my group but as much of VG as I could. Its not easy but i managed to get involved in LoL and Minecraft for a bit as well as being XO for BF. But after the birth of my 1st daughter and then my 2nd just last year. Time became tighter. Then BF died in my heart, but just in time for the Destiny Alpha. My alliance to DICE moved to Bungie very quickly thanks to BF4. And thankfully Destiny became a great game and many BF players in VG followed along in the same path.


Once again time got even tighter as i finally found work after being unemployed for over 6 years. With my wife and two kids to look after things really started to change in my life not only that but passing the 30 mark too(32 currently). I thought my gaming days were over, but just like everyone in VG we all have a life outside VG and this was understood. I also began to notice many were in the same boat as me.


VG is the friendliest place i have been so far in my 15 years of gaming online with clans. Of course you can't expect to get  on with everyone all the time but we all try our hardest. Even with my sarcastic jokes or my not so funny only I get them jokes. I just like to make things light hearted as we are here to relax and enjoy ourselves. Not to take things to seriously. Unless of course they need to be now and then.


I'm currently at work on my lunch break, taking the time to right this. But I urge any that read this that are new, post in the forums and the shoutbox. It's one of the main ways to get to know your fellow VG. I myself have notice since the PS4 came out and all the social feature focused on in games I don't spend enough time on our own site. 


To those who have been here as long as me or longer, here's to another year and more again. And hopefully I won't have any more kids in that timeframe too ;)


Veritas Gaming truly is the best place for gaming!

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#156287 Veritas Gaming Meet and Greet Live stream!

Posted by DynamiteTiger on 20 December 2014 - 09:56 AM



Veritas Gaming Meet and Greet Live stream!





This will be Veritas Gaming's biggest event ever!!

Sunday December 28th, at 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT


Who is Veritas Gaming and what makes us different? Ever wonder what the leaders of this great community are all about? Meet the staff that make it all happen in our first annual Meet and Greet! Invite your friends and family to join the show and they have a chance to receive a prize giveaway! There will be giveaways throughout the show. Estimated run time will be 2 hours.

Interviews with administration and division leaders and hosted by our very own ColueJack!

All VG staff are required to be in attendance.

Go to http://www.twitch.tv/VeritasGamingHQ and follow the official channel to insure you get a notification when the show goes live!



Please promote this event on your own youtube and twitch channels and through social media.

Poster with and without text is attached to this post and available for download.

Attached Thumbnails

  • MeetnGreetLivestream.jpg
  • MeetnGreetLivestream copy.jpg

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#108545 A Year So Far...

Posted by Guest on 20 June 2013 - 09:49 PM

This month marks 1 year in VG for me and having had a little time to reflect I decided I would add my testimony. 


I first discovered the clan when I by chance entered a game with Bobby and a bunch of other VG's, Bobby was in my squad and I was prepared to receive the usual abuse that can be expected when joining any fps game with a microphone. My expectation were not met to my great pleasure as me and Bobby played for hours and talked casually about everything from Battlefield to musical taste. It was after a good few hours of conversation that he invited me to join VG, at first I was extremely dubious as every clan I had ever encountered in game were rude, ignorant and arrogant. I reluctantly signed up and was placed in Chimaera Squad with other squad new comers Dingoli, Paddywaba and Princesuchifufu. The first few practices were awkward encounters as we all got to know each other but my SL TheDappa encouraged everyone to be themselves and talk openly. Eventually I became friends with my squad, something I never really expected to happen as they were just people I played battlefield with. Over time I came to understand VG is way more than just a catalyst for gameplay without stupid blues and more a community were everyone's opinion, belief's and personalities are both valued and respected. This last year seems to have flown by however I have made some of the greatest friends I've ever had that have been there for me through a lot of tough personal times. I guess I just like to say thank you to VG and to my squad mates for being top class gentlemens :D So to Dingo, Paddy, Prince, Psy, Surm, Dappa, Un-Co, Little, Doflip and everyone else in VG thank you and I look forward to another great year with you dudes :D 


And now for some chewbaccas 


:chewbacca:  :chewbacca:  :chewbacca:  :chewbacca:  :chewbacca: 

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#189401 Change in New Registrations Structure

Posted by Veritas Gaming Command on 18 February 2017 - 07:58 PM




Change in New Registrations Structure



Due to recent, consistent, large influxes of new member registrations the VGHQ Management team found it in the best interest of all VG Staff to close down registrations one month ago to give them time to organize. In that time, staff have made some improvements to the working structure to ease the stress on all involved insuring new members find a place to get involved in the community.


The only part of our registration process that is automated is the confirmation of emails, from there we have a team of Staff reviewing every application and processing every check-in. In order to prevent future extended closures to new member registrations, the following changes have been made to VGHQ Registrations Structure:

  • Moving forward, to insure a positively focused member experience, there will be weekly restrictions on new member registrationsRegistrations will be re-opened on Monday, February 20th, at 9amPST/12pmEST/5pmGMT and will remain open until they reach 60 in the span of a week. After a total of 60 registrations have been reached in a week, new applications for the community will be closed and will re-open when the majority of new members have been checked-in. This process could take up to a week.
  • Please give staff enough time to process possibly dozens of new registrations; a reply to your application could take up to 7 days. Once you have registered, you will get a reply from a Validation Team Member about your application within the week.
  • Newly approved applicants will then have 30 days to complete their check-in on the forums. After 30 days, the account will be deleted. You can re-apply if wish to do so.


Thank you all for your continued support of this great community of gamers,


VGHQ Management Team

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#181558 The Official E3 Thread

Posted by xxJoyGamerxx on 31 May 2016 - 09:59 PM

Companies confirmed at E3


This year’s E3 will not include a stand for both Activision, Electronic Arts and Disney Interactive. EA will have behind closed doors (BCD) sessions going on but EA will hold its own event, EA Play, the Sunday before E3.

Activision will, however not with its own stand, be hosting some of its new games at their partners’ stands, like the PlayStation and Xbox booth. CoD: Infinity Warfare and Skylanders game are expected to be two of these games.


Also this year PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo will have the biggest stands. Nintendo has confirmed that the entire booth will be dedicated to the Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda. In the booth the game will be playable for people, although the release has been delayed until 2017 when the new Nintendo NX will be released. The NX has a confirmed release date of March 2017.



Other companies currently confirmed are:



Bandai Namco



CD Projekt Red

Deep Silver

Focus Home Interactive






Square Enix



Warner Bros.





505 Games

Astro Gaming


Behaviour Interactive

Bigben Interactive

BlackJack Studio

BR-1 America

Cubicle Ninjas


DGL Toys


Epic Games

EZ Games

EZ Cards Distribution

Focus Home Interactive

Fokus Bilgisayar San TIs

Gaijin Entertainment



Goodgame Studios

Grey Box

GungHo Online Entertainment

Hori USA




Koei Tecmo

Maximus Games

Mayflash Limited

Mecca Electronics

Medion AG


Nexon America

Next Level Racing

Nordic Games NA

Nyko Technologies

Perfect World Entertainment

Preformance Designed Products



Prima Games

RDS Industries

Rizing Games


SEGA Europe

Square Enix


take-two Interactive

Telltale Games

Tenecent America




UCC Distributing

Virtuix Inc


Voyetra Turtle Beach


Worldwide Gaming

Xpec Entertainment

XSEED Games. 

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#177585 Veritas Gaming Rulebook - Updated Feb/2016

Posted by Veritas Gaming Command on 08 February 2016 - 08:49 AM






'As human beings we are used to living within constraints, and the idea that the web is a place where they are not needed is a myth.
Communities need limits, and those limits need to be communicated, discussed and thoughtfully enforced.'




Veritas Gaming HQ operates on a basic 3 strikes you're out system, with an innocent until proven guilty approach.

We're all humans who make mistakes and leniency is there when needed.


  • A first time infraction of the rules and regulations for VGHQ members will result in a verbal warning.
  • A second offense of the same will be followed by a written warning to the offending member, with necessary staff present, and the offense noted and will likely include a temporary ban.
  • A third infraction of similar rules of conduct will result in a suspension and/or complete removal from the community.


Content Below:

  1. General Conduct
  2. Abuse of In-Game Mechanics
  3. Trolling, Scrutinizing, and Taunting
  4. Respecting VGHQ Structure
  5. Participation
  6. Signature Regulations


Veritas Gaming HQ, be that abbreviated VGHQ or VG, includes the community as a whole, servers, or services, run and self-governed by long-standing, dedicated members.

Any reference to Member(s), includes founding members, staff, and all website validated members.



1. General Conduct



All members will respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed. The same level of respect is expected to be given to non-members or the general public.

All members will show dignity, self control, and integrity towards members and non-members alike. Any insults or lack of respect towards Veritas Gaming by non-members are to be ignored and left uncommented. We do not need to defend ourselves.


Any threat or attempt to do harm to a member of Veritas Gaming HQ, it's properties, or services will result in an immediate ban from the Veritas Gaming HQ community, and all other associated servers, or services. The security and safety of our members, website, and services is of the utmost importance to us.


No member will broadcast issues involving nudity, sexual content, racial, and/or any other adult content whether that be by images, text, or voice communications. Sending of these types of materials via private communication with other members, will be judged under Rule #3, Trolling, Scrutinizing, & Taunting. In short, if you are not friends with the member, don't risk offending them or you may face punitive actions. Any infraction of this basic rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis and can include a suspension and/or ban from the Veritas Gaming HQ community, it's servers and services.

There is a language filter in place on our website for words associated with cursing or the degradation of others. While we accept that 'accidents' happen, constant attempts to subvert or activate the language filter will not be tolerated.


Swearing is permitted when it comes to emphasis, but cursing is not. Any aggressive posturing, messages, or vocal abuse towards either a member of VGHQ or any member of the public will not be tolerated; neither will needless and/or excessive profanity.


In-Game communication, 'accidents', regarding language can happen and if done in such a context where it is clear no offense is intended a casual approach will be taken. However, repeated infractions will result in a warning and/or ban from the Veritas Gaming HQ community, it's properties, and services.

No member will question VGHQ Rules and Regulations or Policies in public. They are to speak to a member of staff through private message or make a post in the Idea-box sub-forum to issue their thoughts. Every member's opinion matters and is encouraged.

MeMe/GIF images are considered spam when used in excess and will not be tolerated.


Using caps lock to excess is not acceptable. The use of capitals for large amounts of text is destructive and can be viewed as being aggressive, offensive, or construed in a shouting attitude. Using all capitals just to emphasis something in one or two words is acceptable, but full sentences is not.

Sportsmanship is a mandatory requirement for all members.



2. Abuse of In-Game Mechanics (aka Hacking, Boosting, Cheating etc)



Definition of a Cheat: any modifications to the platform or official games and associated files or any utilization of a program that is meant to alter the behavior of the game in a way that either gives an advantage to players using it or gives a disadvantage to players not using it.

Examples: invincibility, invisibility, unlimited resources, speed or money cheats

Definition of a Glitch: use of any behavior of the game that is either undocumented or unintended by the manufacturer/developer in order to increase their own personal performance or decrease the performance of others.

Examples: Gaining access to parts of the game unintended for players, manipulating game mechanics to synthesize a cheat such as unlimited ammo.

No members will cheat or glitch under any circumstances in a multi-player game. Single player games or campaigns do not apply.

Should credible accusations of cheating or glitching occur, the member will be subject to an investigation by VGHQ Staff. If found guilty, the member will be banned from Veritas Gaming HQ's website, servers, and associated services.


Definition of a Boost: any act that increases one's own stats or one's teams stats through dishonest means.

Examples: Gaining experience (XP), achievements, or game completions by means not intended by the manufacturer/developer.

No member will attempt to increase his/her own stats (be it that Kill Death Ratio, Skill Level, Experience (XP), Resources, etc...) in a way contrary to the games intended means.

No member will pursue illegitimate ways of increasing his/her teams stats.


As in most situations your in-game stats are used as a marker of your skill and standing in-game.


No VG member is to 'stat pad'.

This includes but is not limited to: arranging artificial games with deliberately poor opposition to boost your in-game character/statistics; specifically playing objective based game modes with a view to 'farm kills' and no attempt to play the game as it is intended; manipulating your ping or connection to the game to gain an advantage over others.

Pulling out an Ethernet cable or otherwise deliberately terminating an internet connection on the conclusion of a losing game or accomplishment to conserve a win or other achievement is considered Stat Padding. If you are beaten in a game accept it, it happens.



VGHQ has a zero tolerance policy regarding anyone who modifies their system or peripheral devices including controllers to give themselves a substantial in game advantage over other players. Simply stated as a cheat.

Definition of a Cheat: any modifications to the platform or official games and associated files or any utilization of a program that is meant to alter the behavior of the game in a way that either gives an advantage to players using it or gives a disadvantage to players not using it.



3. Trolling, Scrutinizing, and Taunting



  • Trolling


No member will deliberately troll, bait, or taunt another member(s), or a member of the public, in a way designed to cause that person certain distress.


There is a definitive line when it comes to online or In-Game trolling and taunting. We hope our members know the difference between a little bit of competitive taunting compared to deliberate disrespect for another person. Sometimes the nature of the trolling falls under Rule #1, General Conduct, or Taunting as explained below. Other times the gray area simply makes the community look bad. Please tread carefully.


  • Scrutinizing

With the exception of not playing as a team, or playing the game as intended, any member will not be scrutinized in their approach or style to playing a game. To call someone a "noob", "camper", or any other degrading names for the way they play or the In-Game assets they use is unacceptable. If it is obvious the person is playing the game incorrectly, kindly ask questions. It may be that they are unaware of the consequences of their actions. If you need help, ask a member of VGHQ staff.

  • Taunting

Taunting is defined as:


1. to reproach in a sarcastic, insulting, or jeering manner; mock.

2. to provoke by taunts; twit.


3. an insulting gibe or sarcasm; scornful reproach or challenge.

4. an object of insulting gibes or scornful reproaches.


In-Game competitiveness can cause a bit of gloating and taunting of your opponent. However it is a touchy subject and should be avoided unless you're friends with the people you are taunting.


It can be fun at times to tease friends to get a rise out of them. Sometimes people play better with a bit of competition. But this is something that should only be done between close friends.

We will not except the excuse "I didn't know they would be offended." The onus is on you.

If you don't know the person, or if they will be offended, keep it to yourself!



4. Respecting VGHQ Structure


  • Skipping the Chain of Command

Here at Veritas Gaming HQ we use structure to create stability and consistency in our members, staff, and services. To ensure all members can carry out their volunteered responsibilities and duties as efficiently as possible, we have a chain of command or simple hierarchy we ask members to respect.


It is a very simple system. If you have an issue or problem you need to discuss with a staff member, take it to the person directly above you in the chain of command.


There are two exceptions to this rule:


1. If the issue poses an immediate risk of harm to Veritas Gaming HQ, it's properties, services, or any member. Example: a spam attack or someone posting excessively inappropriate content on the website. If this occurs take it to the nearest member of VGHQ Staff that has the ability to resolve the issue or can contact another staff member who can do so immediately.


2. If the issue or problem you are having pertains to the staff member in your immediate circle, (example: a problem with the leader of your lobby). In this case please speak with the staff member next up in the Chain of Command, their superior.



For the sake of keeping things extremely clear, VGHQ's Chain of Command acts as follows:


Lobby Leader Assistants
Lobby Leaders
Division/Department Assistants
Division/Department Leaders


  • Checking in for others


No member should make a check-in or registration post for another member or applicant. Posting a check-in post is not only used to allocate new members to the correct member groups, it has many other benefits including getting the member used to posting on the forums. This is the best place for new members to ask questions for directions when they first arrive. If they can't be bothered to be part of the forums, then they're not part of the community at large. Simple as that. Only one half of the community activity is in the games we play together. The other half is here, on our website in interaction with other members.


  • Vouching Regulations

VGHQ has a general age rule. If you can legally drive, you can become a member. Underage applicants can be "Vouched" for by a member with a VGHQ ATS rank of Corporal or above. A vouching post must be made before they apply or their account will be denied. The vouching member will then be responsible for the new vouched member's actions for the next 3 months. If the new vouched for member is deemed problematic, (example: causing arguments, disrupting lobbies), then the new member as well as the vouching member will receive warnings. The voucher will lose the ability to vouch for underage applicants for a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 1 year.



5. Participation



In order to keep an active community we have simple and minimal requirements of membership. Members who acquire ATS (Attendance Tracking System) points have minimum requirements to attain per month. Those who do not meet the ATS point participation minimums will be restructured as Community Members/Forum users. Every member must log into their VGHQ account at least once every 3 months. After 3 months of no activity, their accounts will be made inactive. The permissions of the account while be similar to that of a validated member. In order to have their account re-instated, they will need to make a check-in post to show their return. All accounts inactive for longer than 6 months, while be deleted.



6. Signatures



Website profile signatures are setup through your profile settings and will appear beneath all of your posts on the VGHQ forums. These signatures are subject to the following regulations in addition to the normal rules and regulations:

  • Signatures may not exceed 425 x 200 pixels (W x H)
  • Signatures must not contain any inappropriate images
  • You may have a combination of the following:

One signature image, AND/OR

2 lines of text


If your signature breaks any of these regulations it will be removed.
If you continually break the signature regulations or post a signature which is hugely in breach of the regulations you will be subject to a warning.



Veritas Gaming Staff

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#140369 Greatest gamers you will ever meet

Posted by Guest on 12 June 2014 - 01:30 AM

If I was asked to describe Veritas Gaming in a single word, the word "friends" is the first to come to mind. As many of you know, I took a leave of absence a few months ago. For those who don't know, I took a break from gaming for a very person reason. When I took my step back from gaming, I was responded to with words of encouragement and endearment.


I recently read over some of the responses I got when I announced my leave of absence. (Which was done privately. It was a very personal matter; it was not something I wanted publicly available on the forums.) The people I had met over the years, all the way from SL to Admin, gave me the same general message: We are glad you are taking care of your personal matters, and once you have resolved everything, we will welcome you back with open arms.


For new members, I really want you to understand that the people supporting me in my personal matters were of all ranks: Squad Leaders, Divisions Officers, Corps Commanders, and your Admin. People in VG, of all ranks, personalities, and nationalities, care about each other. Veritas Gaming strives to provide a home to people who care about other people. While VG has not existed for this long, I have known the original members since around 2007-2008. Much has changed. We have grown, developed, and learned. We took what was given to us, and we made Veritas Gaming. In 2007, I was a sophomore in high school. In 2013, I graduated undergraduate college/university. Regardless if I was busy with school/work/personal matters, the people I met in Veritas Gaming have supported me the entire time.


Most people who identify themselves as gamers recognize that life does take its course. While we would all LOVE for gaming to be our main focus during the 70-80 years we have on this Earth, reality does have a large influence lmao. I am glad that, no matter what life has thrown at me, whether it be the busy schedule of a college student or the bottomless pits that life can trap you in, the members of Veritas Gaming have seen me through it.


If I could give one take-home message to new members to Veritas Gaming, it would be this: As much as you are willing to give to VG, VG will give back to you 10 fold. The leadership I developed during my beginning days led to my first SL position, which led to XO, then DO, and then an Admin. This leadership was applicable to my role in the research I conduct in my professional life; I'm able to direct and advise the work-study/undergrads involved on my research project in my professional life. I truly believe that the members of VG helped to foster and draw out that leadership.....the leadership that has guided me over the years. The only way Veritas Gaming could hinder your growth as an individual is if you let the social stigma that accompanies gaming hold you back.


I encourage anyone even considering Veritas Gaming as a home to simply give us a try. It may be the community itself that attracts you, but it is the social bonds, personal growth opportunities, and the gaming diversity that keeps you as an enthusiastic member of Veritas Gaming!  



Charlie Clutch 


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#109042 "a Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...."

Posted by FARQ-S on 28 June 2013 - 10:38 AM

The opening words to my all time favourite sci-fi movie. To me, being part of VG gives me the same tingling anticipation as seeing the opening seconds of Star Wars at its UK premiere in London's Odeon Leicester Square all those years ago. You meet people in far away places, go on adventures, fight bad guys and win (sometimes lose) wars all done in the spirit of fairness, respect and friendship.


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#324 Veritas Gaming: Our Mission Statement

Posted by Luetin on 17 May 2010 - 12:35 AM

Mission Statement

Veritas Gaming's aim is to provide a fair and structured environment for its members to play at either a casual or competitive level. We work hard to provide a quality base point for its members and staff, to take their gaming to the next level. To learn from each other, to work as a strong and mature organization and most importantly to respect one another and their opinions.

We always will value and recognize initiative and hard work in members, and where possible we will strive to reward these efforts. We work on a democratic structure, whereby discussion and voting on new initiatives are the core principles of how the community will be run.

The Core principles of Veritas Gaming are as follows:

Equality – we will treat all members equally if they are administration or new members

Transparency – we will provide all members with all information that has been approved at the senior staff level. If there are issues with staff, this will be displayed named and recognized as a constructive process. All website forums ( that do not contain confidential information ) will be viewable by our member base.

Professionalism – the community's structure and running will be performed to the highest level possible, whilst keeping an enjoyable and recreational environment.

Communication – this is one of the key elements to a successful network, communicating with each other is central to any smooth running organization, at member and staff level.

Something for all – we aim to provide an environment for everyone, if you are a casual player and can only commit to a few games a week that’s fine, if you want to play all day everyday, and be part of a highly focused competitive squad, that’s what we want too.

Non discriminating – no-one with the community will be subjected to discrimination. Anyone found to be treating other members in this way will be assessed and will be removed should the situation warrant this.

Staff service – the staff are here to provide the best community and site that we can for our members, if you are not happy or you feel there is something we are missing then tell us. We will always discuss your ideas, and evaluate them. And it will not reflect negatively on you to speak your mind.

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#188657 Q1 2017 Newsletter

Posted by zazra on 21 January 2017 - 06:22 PM





Platform Management PC & Console:

Welcome back after a long and restful holiday, as I am sure you are all aware we have had a few recent changes to VG. We have been welcoming new members and saying "hope to see you soon" to veteran members.

With the recent influx of members, most of them being for Arma 3, we have seen a massive increase in the use of the Team Speak server with members and guests. With this in mind we would like to remind you that the VGHQ Team Speak server has limited space so members get priority over guests. We apologize in advance if we have to ask your guests to leave for VG members.

In other news we saw many good games come out last year such as:

·         DOOM

·         Dark Souls III

·         Overwatch

·         Battlefield1

·         Titanfall 2

·         The Last Guardian

·         Firewatch

·         The Division

·         Final Fantasy XV

·         and many more


I hope that this year will also bring some new and very Interesting games, I have already been able to play one of my most anticipated games "Escape From Tarkov". For anyone else who Is looking forward to this game, I think you will be surprised. :D

Please Enjoy these Links for some really cool looking Games that will be coming our way, are you onboard?

15 Epic Upcoming FPS in 2017 for PS4, XB1 & PC Gamers.


Top RPG Games for 2017


Post-Apocalyptic Games for 2017


Last but not least, View a Top 12 early release game of 2017


Feel free to start a buzz on the VGHQ Forums with topics on what you think will be the Best Game for You, or all of us, in a Multiplayer/ RPG. Or whatever other cool game we might all be playing in the near future.


Also as a reminder, we are always looking for new game leaders who have the skills and dedication to host a game lobby in VG, keep In mind that you must have been In VG at least 6 months before we will consider the request, other than that you can find everything you need here: http://www.veritasga...ms/#entry174441

Here Is to another year of good gaming.
Stay true to yourself's and happy gaming.

Platform Managers Team
ECO_slider, Ironstate96, UglyWornOutShoe



Web Team:


Projects announced in previous newsletters are still being worked on, and not much news on those as they are still in development.


We are working on changing a few things on TeamSpeak in regards to permissions for staff members, but more on that soon.

There has been a change in the "idle time out kick" from 3 hours to 1 hour, due to members being idle for long periods of time in the Lobby/Landing channel.

The lobby/landing has been changed to a silent channel, only Admins and Game leaders will be able to speak in there. The reason this has been implemented is to encourage people to use the lobby/landing as a place to only join the server and then quickly move on to other channels.



Web Master



Final Notes from the Management Team:
The gaming community at large continues to grow and so does the amount of games that we can play together. From new indie titles and blockbusters to retro games or throwbacks, gamers are all over the map when it comes to the games they play on a monthly basis. In our continued effort to unite our members in gaming we are introducing two new positions in the community to facilitate flexible gaming. Some technical details still need be worked out, but we will share with you these new positions to come in the near future, and how they fit within the VGHQ community.

  • Flexible Game Leaders
    Alongside Game Leaders, who host at least one gaming session every week on a pre-determined day and time, there will soon be Flexible Game Leaders. These individuals are people who want to start a game lobby but cannot commit to play on the same day and time every week. They will still be required to provide Platform Managers at least one primary game, or games that they play. Just as with regular GLs, the primary game can be changed as often as you wish. This simply provides staff and members an idea of what to expect to be played in the lobby. A topic will be provided for the Flexi GL Lobby in the One Time Game Lobbies and Events forum and FGLs will be required to provide an attendance report.
  • Game Reps/Representatives
    Sometimes you might love a game that it seems like nobody plays. Staff are always on the look out for who's playing what and doing their best to be the social media network for members. However, please keep in mind every member has the opportunity to list what they play on the forums, in their profiles, or even in the Shoutbox to try and find people who play the same game. More often than not, after not getting any positive replies, trying only a couple times to connect with like-minded gamers within VGHQ, members stop trying and eventually stop coming by. In most cases it just takes time for word to get around the community that there are more than a couple members interested in the same game.
    With this in mind, we will be starting a list of VGHQ members who will be Game Reps. This will simply be a list of people who are willing to be sent invitations to play a specific game. To be clear, this is not a master list of what games everyone plays, but rather a gradual step to becoming a Game Leader or Flexi Game Leader with a less popular game. There will be no attendance requirements for Game Reps until they apply and are accepted as GLs or FGLs.

NOTE: Flexible Game Leaders will be handpicked by the Platform Managers as this is a test pilot project. Being a Flexible Game Leader requires equal dedication but more communication to make it work.


We will provide more details when we make these positions official in the near future once all technical and structural details are in place.
Thank you for your continued support of this gaming community.
VGHQ is only as good as every member. You will never reap what you don't sow. The community will never be what you want it to be, unless you do your part in making it so.
Management Team

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#181708 The Official E3 Thread

Posted by xxJoyGamerxx on 04 June 2016 - 10:51 AM

Consoles and Hardware



It is thought that Sony will be unveiling their new PlayStation 4.5 also known as the PS4k and Neo.

The console has rumors that it will contain a faster processor, better graphics allocation and the ability of 4k output. Only this still has to be confirmed.


Xbox1-2 (scorpio)

The rumors have not confirmed if the release will be at E3 yet.

A interesting point to notify is that the new Xbox will be targeted to run at 6 teraflops. If this is true that will mean that the console will become faster than the PS4.5 which will run just over 4.1 teraflops.

It is still under deliberation if the console will be shown at E3 2016.


Xbox Slim/mini

Seen that Sony will go larger with their PS4 it seems that Microsoft may go smaller. Sources have been claiming that Microsoft plans to introduce a smaller and cheaper version of the Xbox1. According to The Verge’s Tom Warren “the new Xbox at E3 will be 40 percent smaller”.


Nintendo NX

Nintendo pretty much already confirmed that they will not be releasing their new console at E3 but it still is something we might get some information from. There have been plenty of leaks of fake consoles and controllers already so people think that Nintendo still might show at least a bit of it.






Quite likely Oculus will be showcasing their new Touch motion controlers at E3, it is even said they might put a date on them while showing games to use them with.



The vive is also in stores and they would be doing well for actually getting bigger-name games on the schedule. HTC could potentially reveal its first in house game called Front Defense. This game could potentially appear at E3 as well.


Playstation VR

It is expected Sony will show their PlayStation VR. October is around the corner and it would be time to see firm up further details beyond the date and price.



It is speculated that the impressive HoloLens will have demos at this year’s E3. Keep in mind their last year’s mind blowing Minecraft reveal.






PS vita

Even though Sony barely remembers the PS Vita the community certainly doesn’t. The company actually confirmed that they will stop active first-party development, most major third-party dev’s have already done the same. Indie studios are still keeping it alive with their digital releases. It would be unlikely for Sony to actually talk about the Vita at all at E3.


Nintendo MH

Nintendo might be working on a handheld version of their new Nintendo NX. Even though it is still a rumor E3 would be an excellent timing to show it to the world. 

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#180337 Rise of the Tomb Raider

Posted by UglyWornOutShoe on 26 April 2016 - 11:00 PM

Rise of the Tomb Raider


The legend continues. LARA CROFT, one of the greatest characters in the history of video games, braves the elements, faces the unknown and discovers something greater in RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER. 




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#179292 Veritas Gaming: Our Mission Statement

Posted by DynamiteTiger on 20 March 2016 - 06:31 AM

The Core Principles of Veritas Gaming explained:


Equality - we will treat all members equally if they are administration or new members

Everyone's opinion matters. We work on a democratic structure in line with our mission statement. And all staff members are just as accountable for their actions as new members.


Transparency - we will provide all members with all information that has been approved at the senior staff level. If there are issues with staff, this will be displayed named and recognized as a constructive process. All website forums ( that do not contain confidential information ) will be viewable by our member base.

VGHQ Staff forums are visible to all members with the exception of confidential member related information or Department Leader and Administration forums where leaders discuss community services development and structure. We recognize the fact that we're all human and make mistakes but lists, protocols, training, and structure are there to help keep everything in check if a mistake should happen. The other reason is because the community is in a constant state of development and improvement so we want all our members to have a full understanding of our rules, regulations, and protocols and why we use them.


Professionalism - the community's structure and running will be performed to the highest level possible, whilst keeping an enjoyable and recreational environment.


We have no advertisements on our websites nor will we ever. All Veritas Gaming's websites and services are free for all members and are paid for by members of the community. Donations are taken once a year to pay for site services but are not a requirement for membership so you have no fear of being spammed to buy anything or subscribe to any services.


Being flexible with hundreds of members' real lives is difficult but is something we strive towards by having structured or scheduled Game lobbys and respecting that every staff member though they may have community responsibilities, they are all volunteers and real life sometimes must take priority. We all have much to do in life besides play video games, but it's the community spirit that keeps us going and dedicated to this fine group of people. We do our best to strike a balance between real life and community involvement.

Communication - this is one of the key elements to a successful network, communicating with each other is central to any smooth running organization, at member and staff level.


This is super important for all members to understand and agree to. This isn't only a reminder to staff members to stay in communication. The Veritas Gaming website and forum is the lifeblood of the social community of VGHQ. If you're not interacting with other members via our website, than you're completely missing out on what is special about VGHQ. And that is the members themselves and the experiences that they share. We use activity requirements to insure that members who have active accounts are active within the community. Members who volunteer to become staff members are encouraged and supported in various forms of training and communication so you never have to feel like you're doing it alone.

Something for all - we aim to provide an environment for everyone, if you are a casual player and can only commit to a few games a week that’s fine, if you want to play all day everyday, and be part of a highly focused competitive squad, that’s what we want too.

Some of us take our gaming seriously, but we'll still respect and play with those who play less. Some members live and breath gaming and VGHQ while others only have the time to stop by now and again. At Veritas Gaming, you can be an active member of the community no matter what your lifestyle is. Our goal isn't to make the biggest gaming community, but to create a place where growth is organic because members feel comfortable inviting their friends to join in. We're by no means an exclusive gaming community, instead we make every effort to insure all members are welcomed and safe no matter who they are.


Non discriminating - no-one with the community will be subjected to discrimination. Anyone found to be treating other members in this way will be assessed and will be removed should the situation warrant this.

Respect for others on the internet does exist, and here at Veritas Gaming HQ, we encourage and require it of all our members. If you would like to learn more about our Rules and Regulations please see the link below:


Staff service - the staff are here to provide the best community and site that we can for our members, if you are not happy or you feel there is something we are missing then tell us. We will always discuss your ideas, and evaluate them. And it will not reflect negatively on you to speak your mind.


This was included in our Mission Statement because we wanted it to be clear that nobody is above reproach. In other words, we're all human and make mistakes. The staff of Veritas Gaming HQ are not hired or elected. They are regular members who have volunteered their time to the community structure and operations. Over time with dedication they become leaders and play a direct role in the development and operations of the community. The growth, development and success of Veritas Gaming HQ relies on every member. A community of this size cannot be run by a handful of people. So the success of it's function requires members to maintain it by volunteering. VG is only as good as every member. You will never reap what you don't sow. The community will never be what you want it to be unless you do your part in making it so.



Thank you for your continued support of Veritas Gaming HQ!

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#159555 January 2015 Newsletter

Posted by DynamiteTiger on 03 February 2015 - 08:16 AM



Final thoughts from DynamiteTiger

As we in the Upper Chain of Command have been reviewing the last year in VG there are some interesting stats we learned that I'd like to share. Our web site front page received over 64,000 hits. That is huge. Just think how much work our validation staff have done to insure our community is safe and secure. Our forums front page received a shocking 24 MILLION hits. That means you the members are here and clicking, reading, and staying engaged.
With a rocky start to the year we are seeing that we need to get back to basics with structure, and community growth. Over the last year we grew exponentially and with all growth comes the struggles of inadequacy in the forms of staff, organized lobbies, and the loss of needed protocols and checks to insure we keep the structure continually supporting members. Over the next few months you will see some slight tweaks and changes to VG structure and protocols so we can optimize our efficiency as a community.
For me the year has been full of amazing memories from DTFM to epic game time in the BF, Destiny, and Minecraft Divisions. This year my personal goal is to play more games with more people. I hope you all will follow my example. We have countless amounts of new members over the last few months and many who have not played with VG members even once. We all need to show our commitment, loyalty, and belief in this community with our actions. That often requires us to put aside our personal wants or needs behind those of the community, whether that's staying up late to do attendance reports or going out of your way to warmly welcome a new member.
We all came here for the same thing but sometimes forget that there are new members who are suffering from the same anxietys and needs we did at one time. The more and more we grow the more we will need willing individuals to graduate from student to teacher. Lets not forget that VG is not about the game, but about the people playing those games. Remember: The community will never be what you would like to see it be, unless you do your part in making it so.
If you have tried to reach out to me and feel like Ive brushed you off in the past year not making time for you, or feel Im inaccessible, please do send me a PM. I just as we all suffer from the over complications of real life responsibilities and do my best to prioritize every minute of every day.
From myself and the rest of the VG Staff we thank you all sincerely for your loyalty, commitment, and passion for this gaming community.

Veritas Gaming Admin

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#109350 My Time In Vg - Dappa

Posted by Thedappa07 on 02 July 2013 - 05:56 PM

Hi peeps


well I have avoided this every year, and its about time heading up to my third year, best bite the bullet hey ? :)


So here goes ….i joined because i hate playing team games with out team players. There's not one person that is still here, that isn't really  a team player in some way. In real life I'm awkward with meeting people i get really anxious  but i enjoy writing and having discussions with people all over the world on the internet, VG has helped me be more open In real life through opening my mind to new things and people. I had never been in a clan before and now looking back I would never of thought I would have progressed to where I am now, never used forums or really understood code for posting or anything really lol but with help from Senior members I learned quick ! heres my history, impressions and honest feelings of my time in Verities Gaming.


It all began when i was searching on the internet for clans. The first one I found was VG, i suppose I got lucky, but overall they offered what i wanted, just friends and good players.

So I signed up and was put into Chimaera Boot Camp playing Badcompany 2 :) Cluskey was SL and Eddy was SA my overall feelings where wow i can learn alot from these guys, they told me alot about the history of the clan and Shadow company etc and suggested to get some games with the other squads. By being open and willing (which was hard at first) , I came to know the whole of the BF division 1st and 2nd batt playing all types of games not just BF. Some of my favourite times where playing GT5 after practices with Eddy projekt and regalfunk and the BF fun nights eddy started were awesome! 


The website was also something that i found amazing, i could talk to people across the world and even join/create my own tournaments/events as a member, i made sure i got on the site as much as possible to have a bit of banter with the COD players, or witness some funny arguments that would keep me entertained until a admin showed up lol

Not only was there a fun side to VG but a serious tactical and high standard from everyone in games especially the senior and veteran members. Luetin was the BF DO Clusk Worker CO's and the other leaders at the time were all focused on team play and Dominating not just winning.


After passing bootcamp i stayed in Chimaera, Eddy, Projekt,  Regal, Optic and nozmoking started a new squad "Delta"  I later joined :D and as a squad went on to Come runner up in the BC2 tournament :D

Got promoted SA/SL  when Eddy and projekt went to PC and regal left. Later Delta dissolved because BF3 just came out BC2 slowly died and we didn't support it. We condensed all the 2nd batt into 1 squad "Phoenix" I think there was only 10 of us at the start , so i was in Phoenix as SA with the remaining BF members ready for VG's 2nd Battalion to rise from the Ashes. 


 BF3 came out lots of recruiting from everyone in which i became Bootcamp Leader and returned to my home Chimaera squad.

After Clusk stepped down as Bootcamp leader and CO of BF, LT also left DO to venture into youtube vids which got VG lots of new members, not to forget he was going out of his way to make us Videos just for the clan for BC2 which we were all grateful for, and he was soon getting recognised for his talents and velvet tone lol


As i learned the Admin side of being a SL and checking in new members i tried to spread that same experience i had on my first practice to every new member i come in contact with.

Applied for XO got it and just sort of evolved into head check in officer lol

Bobby was CO and DT was now DO of BF and they have both helped with the admin bobby then stepped down and i took over as CO for BF3.

Minecraft moderator ,again just sort of happened i built alot with YSS and everyone else when it was abit more popular and yes iam still building imperial city after 2 years haha. come and check it out you cant miss it!


So that takes us up to now Im CO , Check in officer, MC mod and squad leader of one of the nicest group of guys i have ever met. :D

I hope if new members read this they come to relise that its not just a one way thing here you Have to give if you want to get back. whether thats just 10 mins on the forums or playing your favourite game with a friend all night.


Squads are such brilliant things because you grow together, being here so long i have experienced births :D deaths :( of squads family and have celebrated members birthdays through drunken exchanges on a crappy mic lol.

its the moments and the people that really make it special here, everyone is polite and civil and comes together as one big family when anyone is in need of help.


I love helping people so message me if you need anything i have trained alot of people and set up alot of templates and systems we use to get members settled into VG.


On my adventures I have been in many squads met lots of faces and even people who have moved on I still talk to. I like to think i have worked hard to build the BF division with more squads and more members. At the end of BF3 i think we have done that and thats a platform for BF4 that can only get bigger!

special thanks to all my SL's and SA's who have worked so hard during BF3 to keep their members active.


The early help I received from Cluskey DT Eddy LT Bobby YSS Brido Adam Flow Dilian Worker Demon Efunk Clusk Callly Desert Optic  and well everyone lol is just legendary. all you guys are family to me, we fight and make up but it always comes back to the games and thats what makes me smile :D  VG has a special place in my heart and I will never leave i have stayed through thick and thin. Stay cool Veritas people and thanks for reading.  <3 xXx


Here are some golden oldies from Bc2 and BF3, me as a squad member! and prince break dancing :chewbacca:  






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#102562 Member Types | Minimum Activity for VG Membership

Posted by DynamiteTiger on 05 April 2013 - 09:40 PM



Minimum Activity for Veritas Gaming Membership



Veritas Gaming has a strong focus on active community and structure. We have 2 types of members: those who earn points for attending a minimum amount of squad practices or game lobbies, and members who are simply forum members with no attendance requirements. Attendance is tracked using a simple spreadsheet called the ATS, or Attendance Tracking System.


You will need to choose your level of involvement. Below is a break down of the 2 different member types. Choose one that will best suit your availability.



Minimum Activity for Veritas Gaming Membership


To keep an active community we have simple and minimal requirements of membership:

  • Community Member - Forum Members. You will be required to log into the forums a minimum of once every 3 months. If you do not stay active by logging into the website once every 3 months, you will be placed in the Inactive group which has limited site access. After 6 months of no activity your account will be deleted. Community Members can join any gaming activities within the community but will not receive ATS points.


  • Flexible Member - Flexi members can be part of a particular squad or game lobby, but are not required to. These members will be required to achieve 20 ATS points per month, which is equal to 4 hours of gaming in one month, in order to remain an active Flexi member. They will attain 5 ATS per hour played. They can also attain ATS points for playing other multiplayer games with Game Leaders (GL). Flexible members that fail to attain the required amount of points will be demoted to Community Members.


If you are not sure that you have the time to commit to being a Flexible Member (Flexi), you can request the change once you have gained full forum access. Any member can post a check-in to apply for a structure change.

** Members who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements will be restructured as Community Members and will no longer attain ATS points for attending game lobbies. **

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#180987 3+ years

Posted by Guest on 17 May 2016 - 12:44 AM

Hi there,


Just a heads up, I was writing this while i'm quite tired so it might not be the best read :D


I'm CaptainZwabber, commonly known as Ze or if you have me on steam NinjaZwabber.


I thought it was about time i did another one of these.  I'm a Member Since 23 Jan 2013 and the last testimony i did was 6 months in VG.

I only just got back into VG and i've been inactive for a long time but just remembering VG brought me a smile to my face.


I joined A-Team for a PS3 BF3 squad and if it wasn't for a friend (WastedPenguinz) i wouldn't have joined VG or A-Team and i wouldn't have met such great people.


Actually hoping to get as many people back together from A-Team but thats a bit of a hard task after people split off to PS4, PC or just dropped gaming.

Luckily i have a PC and a PS4 so if some were to see this message, or others that would want to add me.

PSN CaptainZwabber

Steam NinjaZwabber


I still play with Dan9400 on this day and padrone_39 just sometimes but thats probably gonna become more often.


I'm glad for VG for bringing people across the world together. Otherwise i probably wouldn't have gone to Gamescom. (this year will be my 3rd year in a row with Dan9400)


I've had the best time here finding new friends when i needed them the most. (Including prophet who is even further away from me since he lives in the US but i met him anyway through the shoutbox)


If you are new be sure to ask me anything you'd like to know and if you are just curious about me, ask me anything.




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#165839 Warm reception with VG

Posted by Guest on 29 May 2015 - 02:37 AM

I have been a subscriber of Luetin's content on YouTube for quite some time, so I've heard the plugs for Veritas Gaming on many occasions, but didn't seek it out until recent.

It was very encouraging to me that after a long hiatus from BF4 and wanting to desperately get back into organized squad play from my old clan days on Bad Company 2, that I was able to reach out to a VG member I found on a random server and get plugged right back in to a gaming community. I played some awesome matches the other night with a few VG members and had a million times better experience playing hard on the objectives with them. Kudos to the professionalism of this community and look forward to more great fun and BF action in the years to come!

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